Online Gambling Scams

Online gambling scams are a legitimate concern for people who are interested in giving internet gambling a try. Although we have seen gambling scams in the past, they actually aren’t all that common. With a little research and common sense, most people can avoid ever falling victim to an online gambling scam.

Safe And Reputable Gambling Sites

The thing that occasionally makes people wary of internet gambling sites is that it takes place on the computer and people have to simply trust that they are getting a fair game. But if you think about it, playing at brick and mortar casinos also requires trust that you are getting a fair game. The key to finding a safe online gambling experience in both instances is to play at large, reputable online gambling sites.

There’s a reason why people keep coming back to the same big land based casinos in Las Vegas. Apart from all the luxury, people know that if they win a million dollar jackpot at a big Vegas resort, they are going to be paid. Some little underground casino in someone’s basement, however, is a much different story. The same principle applies to playing real money games at online casinos.

How To Avoid Online Gambling Scams

The best way to avoid internet gambling scams is to only play at large, well-known gambling sites that have strong reputations. Do a little Google research and find out which internet gambling websites are recommended the most often. After a little research, you’ll start to see the same gambling sites mentioned time and time again.

You can also visit internet player advocate forums to ask other gamblers which online gambling websites they trust. Word of mouth goes a long ways in this industry. Find out what kind of experiences other people have had at your potential gambling site. Just remember to take some things individual gamblers say with a grain of salt. There are a lot of people out there who are quick to blame their losses on some “crooked” casino rather than strike it up to bad luck or poor play.

Some of the best gambling sites to play at are publicly traded gambling websites. These gambling sites operate out of countries like the UK and are even listed on the stock exchange. The likelihood of a major corporation suddenly going rogue and stealing everyone’s money is beyond remote. These are billion dollar companies that have CEOs, shareholders and stringent government regulation.

Personal protection is a smart idea as well. Spend a few bucks and get yourself a reliable anti-virus program and firewall. You can find these programs at any software store for about $30. Even if you don’t plan on gambling any time soon, it’s always a good idea to keep your computer protected.

Along those same lines, we also recommend that you use different passwords for your gambling sites than you use for everything else. If you use one password for all your gambling sites, e-mail addresses and so on, you are at risk of having all those passwords compromised. If someone figures out the password for your e-mail address, for instance, it would automatically give them access to every other site that uses the same password.