Live Dealer Gambling Sites

Live dealer gambling sites are online casinos that are populated with actual live dealers that you can see via streaming video. With the use of webcams and live video on your computer, you can actually play real money games that are dealt by a real, live dealer.

Best Live Dealer Gambling Sites

Live dealer games are just the latest way online gambling sites have managed to blur the distinction between online casinos and brick and mortar casinos. Several major gambling sites have added live dealer games to their lineup recently. These games have become hugely popular and we expect to see the trend continue.

Top Rated Live Dealer Gambling Sites

We have listed the best live dealer gambling sites right here. We feel that these are the best live dealer casinos because they have the most live dealer games and offer players the best all around experience. If you want to give online live dealer games a try, these are the best sites to visit first.

The best live dealer gambling sites are also ranked according to the quality of the streaming video and the skill of the dealer. Just like in Las Vegas, live dealer gambling sites are dependent upon the abilities of their dealers. Skilled dealers make for smooth games and fun times for the players.

Beyond just the dealers themselves, we also rank live dealer gambling sites according to their reputations, deposit methods and regular casino games. The reputation is always an important factor for us because it determines the safety of any single online casino. We feel that there is never a reason to play at any gambling site if it doesn’t have a perfect reputation for safety.

Deposit methods are also important for ranking live dealer gambling sites. If you want to play for real money, it’s important to have a gambling site that can process your deposits quickly and easily. Getting your money online should be as simple as possible at a top-ranked live dealer gambling site.

And finally, the regular game selection plays a part in our live dealer gambling site rankings. As nice as live dealer games are, sometimes players just want to hop on and play a couple quick games without interacting with a real dealer. In that case, a wide game selection gives you the options and variety that keeps the experience fresher for longer.

Playing At Live Dealer Gambling Websites

The novelty of live dealer gambling sites is a major reason why many players decide to try live online gambling in the first place. In many cases, it’s just a simple matter of curiosity and wanting to try something new. The idea of playing with a real dealer without leaving the house is too interesting for people to pass up.

Some of the more skeptical casino players have decided to give live dealer gambling sites a try because they feel safer at these casinos. Even though reputable online casinos have proven to be honest operations, some people don’t feel comfortable unless they can watch the dealer handle the games with their own eyes. Live dealer casinos help assuage the fears of those skeptical gamblers.

The realism of live dealer gambling sites is also attractive. If you’ve ever been to a major live casino, you already know the feeling you get there compared to playing online. With real people around you, it makes the games feel more realistic and more exciting. This really is the closest you’ll get to the Las Vegas experience without flying there yourself.

How Real Money Live Dealer Casino Games Work

Live dealer gambling sites work just like you would imagine. They hire actual casino game dealers, provide those dealers with a real table and use webcams to show the dealers in action. Some live dealer gambling sites employ both male and female dealers, while others employ female dealers exclusively.

When you play at a live dealer game, you use the software to instruct the dealer which bets to place and how much to wager on each bet. The dealer sees these instructions and handles the game accordingly. The whole experience is quite similar to playing at an actual Vegas casino.

So far we have noticed that live dealer gambling sites stick with the most popular table games for their live offering. The most common live dealer games include blackjack, baccarat, roulette and sic-bo. The exact games list is a little different at each live dealer casino, but these are the most common.

Game Specific Live Dealer Gambling Websites: