Online Roulette Bonuses

The best online roulette sites offer a number of lucrative online roulette bonuses, ranging from initial deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and roulette-specific bonuses to VIP loyalty programs and Refer a Friend bonuses.

Best Bonus Roulette Sites

In order to maximize the value of bonuses at online roulette sites, it's advisable to read the roulette bonus terms and conditions provided by your chosen roulette site. These documents contain import information regarding maximum bonus amounts, minimum deposit requirements, wagering requirements and expiration periods.

Initial Deposit Online Roulette Bonuses

The most common online bonuses at online roulette sites are initial deposit bonuses, which are sometimes called signup bonuses or welcome bonuses. When you accept an initial deposit bonus, the casino site will give you a bonus equal to a certain percentage of your first deposit. This figure is commonly 100%, though bonuses of 50%, 110% and 150% are common as well.

In addition, initial deposit online roulette bonus offers usually have a maximum value. This represents the largest possible bonus you'll receive, even if your deposit amount is much higher than required.

Most initial deposit online roulette gambling bonuses have a low minimum deposit amount, such as $10 or $25, which must be met in order to receive the bonus. In addition, some roulette sites offer high-roller initial deposit bonuses. These types of online roulette bonuses have higher minimum deposit amounts, such as $500, but offer significantly higher reward caps and in some cases, matching percentages.

Reload Online Roulette Bonuses

Reload bonuses at real money roulette websites are similar to first deposit gambling bonus offers in that they usually feature a matching percentage and a maximum value. However, reload bonuses are often comparatively less lucrative. While an initial deposit bonus might be worth 100% up to $1,000, a reload bonus offered by the same roulette site might be 15% up to $400. Reload bonuses are usually offered on an occasional basis, such as when you deposit with a preferred e-wallet service or when you make a transaction on a certain day of the week or date of the month.Refer A Friend Online Roulette Bonuses

The best roulette sites often provide Refer a Friend online roulette bonuses, sometimes called referral bonuses. This bonus, usually a static value or a matching percentage, is awarded in exchange for referring a friend to your chosen online roulette site. In order to claim your bonus, your friend will typically need to sign up for a new account and make a deposit of at least a certain minimum value.

The most reputable roulette sites also award Refer a Friend bonuses to the friend who signs up, though the bonus amount may be smaller than the one you receive.

VIP Loyalty Rewards At Online Roulette Sites

Many high quality roulette gambling sites offer comprehensive VIP loyalty programs as bonuses to their most active players. Some sites require you to enroll in the VIP program after signing up or after meeting a certain wagering requirement, while others provide automatic enrollment for all new members.

Most VIP online roulette bonuses require you to wager real money in exchange for VIP points. Larger wagers result in larger amounts of VIP points. As you accumulate points, you'll be able to spend them on cash rewards, merchandise or roulette tournament entries.

VIP loyalty programs often include a VIP ladder. As you earn more points each month, you'll be given a higher status, unlocking additional rewards and services. For example, you might receive a points multiplier that effectively increases the rate at which you earn points even if you wager the same amount of money each month.

Roulette-Specific Real Money Gaming Bonuses

Some of the best roulette sites also offer roulette game-specific bonuses, which may come in the form of initial deposit bonuses or reload bonuses in which the bonus funds can only be used for roulette wagering. Since these bonuses are very limited in terms of game types, they're often more lucrative than similar bonuses that are available for wagering on all game types.