Online Poker Software Providers

Poker software providers are companies that specialize in designing software for online poker sites. Designing poker software is no easy task, because not only does the software have to look nice and work well, but it has to be absolutely flawless in terms of safety and security. Because of the difficulty in designing poker software, many poker gambling sites outsource the process to third part poker software providers.

Online Gambling Sites With The Best Poker Software

Poker Gambling Game Software Providers

There are a few important things to look at when trying to determine which poker software providers are the best. Most importantly, you want poker software that has a reputation for being safe. By safe, we mean poker software that does nothing to risk the money you keep online. This includes keeping your information encrypted, providing a reliable experience and using a perfectly random algorithm to shuffle the cards.

Once you have the safety of poker software established, the remaining factors are subject to personal preference. One thing that most poker players look for is software that is quick to respond to user input. This means that when you click a button, the software reacts immediately. This may sound like a small thing to pick out, but there is nothing more annoying than playing on laggy poker software.

A couple of other things to look for in poker software providers include factors such as compatibility with poker tracking programs, the option to play online with no download, a wide selection of poker variants and compatibility with Mac and Linux. In summary, the best poker software providers offer their users a lot of options without any technical problems.

Online Poker Networks And "Skins"

Some poker software providers are used by a variety of online poker websites that are all connected in a network. Each poker room on a network operates independently, but all the poker sites share software and tables. This means that even though you might be playing at poker site A, you will also play against players from poker sites B and C.

Gambling sites sometimes connect their poker websites in this manner in order to make their poker rooms more attractive to players. By sharing tables, different online poker sites essentially pool their resources and keep the games running 24/7.

Poker websites that share tables in this manner also use the same poker software providers as one another.

Why Do Gambling Sites Use Third Party Software Providers?

The main reason poker sites use third party software providers is because developing effective poker software from scratch is an expensive and time consuming effort. Rather than try to develop everything from scratch, many poker sites elect to hire third-party companies that specialize in designing poker software. It is much more cost effective to hire an expert in that area than it is to try to assemble a team of software developers for a one-time project.

Having said that, not all poker websites outsource their software development to third party software providers. A few of the largest poker gambling sites use proprietary software that they developed themselves. These poker sites choose to go this route because it gives them more flexibility in designing the software to their own set of specifications.