Online Blackjack Bonuses

The best blackjack sites offer a variety of online blackjack bonuses and promotions, including initial deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, Refer a Friend bonuses, blackjack-specific bonuses and VIP loyalty programs. When accepting a real money online blackjack bonus from any site, it's important to read the terms and conditions. Here, you'll find online blackjack bonus details including wagering requirements, expiration periods, and the ways in which your blackjack bonus dollars are converted into real cash that can be wagered and withdrawn.

Blackjack Sites With The Best Bonus

Initial Deposit Online Blackjack Bonuses

Most of the best online blackjack sites offer initial deposit online blackjack bonuses. With an initial deposit bonus, also commonly referred to a a signup bonus or welcome bonus, you'll receive a casino bonus in exchange for making your very first deposit at an online blackjack site.

Typically, an online blackjack initial deposit bonus includes two terms: a matching percentage and a maximum value. The matching percentage is the percentage of your initial deposit that will be awarded to you as a bonus. The maximum value is the largest possible bonus that you can receive.

For example, a blackjack site might offer an initial deposit online blackjack bonus of 100% up to $1,000. In this case, whatever amount you deposit at the site will be awarded to as a bonus in addition to your deposit. This is illustrated by the following examples:

  • Depositing $500 will result in a $500 initial deposit bonus.
  • Depositing $1,000 will result in a $1,000 initial deposit bonus.
  • Depositing $1,200, $1,500 or any other amount above $1,000 will still result in a $1,000 initial deposit bonus.

Reload/Redeposit Online Blackjack Bonuses

Reload bonuses from online blackjack sites are similar to initial deposit bonuses at any other type of gambling site, except that they're awarded upon subsequent deposits after your first deposit. Reload bonuses at blackjack websites are usually offered in exchange for one of the following:

  • Depositing on a certain day of the week.
  • Depositing during a certain timeframe of the day (commonly called a "Happy Hour Bonus").
  • Depositing with a certain banking method, e.g. a 15% reload bonus for NETeller deposits or a 10% reload bonus for Moneybookers deposits.

As a general rule, gambling reload bonuses are less lucrative than initial deposit bonuses. However, this varies from one online blackjack site to another.

Refer a Friend Bonuses At Blackjack Sites

Many of the best online blackjack sites also offer Refer a Friend online blackjack bonuses, in which you're offered a reward in exchange for referring a friend to the same site. Usually, Refer a Friend bonuses carry certain special terms and conditions. For example, you might receive your bonus until your friend actually makes a deposit, or meets a certain wagering requirement. Refer a Friend online blackjack bonuses are typically offered in a few different ways:

  • A static bonus, such as $25, $50 or more for each friend you refer.
  • A bonus with a matching percentage and maximum value, similar to those of an initial deposit bonus, in which you're rewarded based on the amount of your friend's deposit.
  • Merchandise, such as electronics or poker chip sets, instead of money for each friend you refer.

Blackjack Game-Specific Bonuses

Online blackjack bonuses specific to online blackjack game variations are somewhat more rare than the aforementioned bonuses. With this bonus, you'll receive bonus dollars following an initial deposit or reload. These bonus dollars at casino sites can only be used for wagering on blackjack games. These bonuses can often be very lucrative in exchange for such limitations.

VIP Programs And Loyalty Rewards For Blackjack Players

Many top gambling sites also offer VIP programs, in which you're awarded points for playing real money blackjack games. You'll typically receive more points for placing larger wagers, regardless of whether you win or lose. The points you accumulate can then be redeemed for prizes, such as cash, tournament entries and merchandise.