Free Online Gambling Sites

Although most online casino sites offer real money play, there are a variety of free online gambling sites that allow you to wager fake money on casino games. The best online gambling sites offer both types of play, though many sites disable free play after players make a real money deposit into your account. Aside from the wagers and bets you place and any commissions or entry fees that may apply to certain game types, it should always be free to play at any quality online gambling site.

Best Free Gambling Sites

Playing Games For Free At Online Gambling Sites

At typical online gambling sites, you'll be required to make a real money deposit, after which you'll be able to wager real cash on casino gambling games. Playing at free online gambling sites eliminates the need for choosing deposit and withdrawal methods, as you won't be risking any actual cash when you wager. This is an ideal format for those who are new to online gambling sites, as it allows players to try out all of the game types and decide on their favorites without paying anything. Even experienced casino gamblers appreciate free online gambling sites, as they represent an ideal opportunity for trying out new emerging game types and honing strategies and tactics for existing, familiar games.

Real Money Vs. Play Money Gambling Sites

Online gambling sites usually divide their gaming area into two categories: real money and play money, also known as "free play" or "just for fun." However, some online gambling sites only offer one of these choices. At most sites, you'll have access to free play immediately after registering at the site. Some of the best online gambling sites even allow players to try some of their free games without registering for a membership.

Following registration, you'll often have the choice of continuing to play for free or converting your account to real money at free online gambling sites. In some cases, you may only have access to real money casino games, and not free play games, after you possess a real money account. This poses a disadvantage, as it prevents you from accessing play money games to experiment with new strategies.

To alleviate this, the best online gambling sites offer both real money and play money casino games on a single account. If you're unsure as to whether the site you're considering offers this feature, contact their customer service team.

Software At Free Gambling Websites

It's important to note that all reputable online gambling sites can be defined as "free" online gambling sites when it comes to downloading their software. Whether the site offers instant play, downloadable or mobile gambling software (or all three), players should never be required to may any type of fee for access. Software maintenance, including updates to the online gambling site's downloadable and instant play programs, should also be offered free of charge.

Registering At Free Gaming Sites

As with their software downloads, a trustworthy online gambling site will never charge any sort of fee for registration. If you encounter a site that requires you to pay for a "subscription" or to register as a member, look elsewhere. You should also never be required to enter financial information upon registering at online gambling sites. This is only done later at the player's option after choosing a secure banking method.

Customer Support At Online Gambling Websites

High quality online gambling sites also never charge registered members for customer support. The only exception to this rule is phone support, which may only be offered for free to players in certain countries, such as the country in which the online gambling site is based. Other support options, such as live chat and email, should be offered for free to all players, preferably 24/7.

Winning Real Money Without Depositing

At some online gambling sites, players can win real money gaming online without making an actual deposit. This is typically accomplished through freeroll tournaments, which offer real money prizes without any sort of buy-in fee requirement. Alternatively, players who win freeroll tournaments may earn free entry tickets into more lucrative tournaments. Freeroll tournaments are usually offered as special promotions, typically requiring you to register as a new player or take advantage of a new software offering from online gambling sites.

Player who do decide to play for real money at free online gambling sites are often eligible for free money in the form of bonuses and promotions as well. These bonuses include initial deposit bonuses, Refer a Friend bonuses and more. In most cases, initial deposit bonuses double the value of your first deposit with a 100% matching bonus, up to a certain value. Refer a Friend bonuses offer a free money reward, such as $25, $50 or even $100 for each friend you successfully refer to the free online gambling site.