Customer Support At Gambling Sites

Online gambling sites usually offer several types of customer support, including email, live chat, phone, fax, standard mail and FAQ sections. When you contact a representative at gambling sites with the best customer support, you should expect him or her to be friendly, articulate, and prepared with knowledge of all of the online gambling site's features, including game types, accounts, software, depositing and bonuses.

Best Online Gambling Sites

Email Customer Support

Email is perhaps the most common support method offered by online gambling sites. Most sites offer email support in one of two ways: a direct email address that you can use via your normal email service, or an email web form that is embedded directly on the gambling site's Contact page. In some cases, this email web form may also be found in the site's downloadable or instant play software.

Email is a beneficial support method because it allows you to clearly compose a detailed question before submitting it. This makes it ideal for complex questions that may require several paragraphs of text in order to be understood. However, email support usually offers slower turn around times than other methods, such as live chat and phone. Many of the gambling sites with the best customer support post their average email turn around times. You should expect to receive a reply to all email inquiries within a couple of hours.

High quality online gambling sites sometimes offer more than one email address, with separate addresses dedicated to different topics such as software, real money wagering, casino banking options, game rules and more.

Live Chat Support

Live chat is another type of customer service method offered by many online gambling sites. When you choose live chat as a support option, you'll send text-based messages back and forth to a representative in a chat window, similar to what you'd experience with an instant messaging program. Many players prefer live chat over other support methods, since it allows you to copy and paste your conversation into an electronic document for later reference, just as with email. However, live chat is a real time support method, allowing for instant feedback between you and the service representative.

As with email support, live chat should always be offered for free by reputable gambling sites with the best customer support, especially to real money online casino players. While some online gambling sites only offer live chat during select business hours, the best provide live chat 24/7.

Phone In Help And Customer Support

Phone support is the support method that should be most familiar to average players at online gambling sites. If a site offers phone support, they'll usually say as much on their Contact Us or Help page. Phone support is an ideal method for dealing with problems that require the support representative to walk you through a process, and virtually any question where the answer isn't a simple "yes" or "no."

The only notable disadvantage of phone support is that it may incur a fee when used from certain countries. This should be clearly stated on the online gambling site's Contact page. Many of gambling sites with the best customer support offer free phone support to at least a few countries, typically with a 1-800 number or an international free number.

Fax And Standard Mail Support Options

While fax and standard mail are not used frequently by customers seeking help from their online gambling sites, they are offered regularly. Fax is actually a useful customer service method for addressing one specific concern, which is when you must send a photo ID scan to a site in order to confirm your identity. Some online gambling sites require this from players who request withdrawals over a certain amount, while others require it for all withdrawals.

FAQ Sections At Online Gambling Sites

FAQ sections are often overlooked by players seeking gambling sites with the best customer support. A high quality FAQ section can easily eliminate the need for making a direct customer support inquiry, so long as it's comprehensive and detailed. The FAQ should be divided into several topics, each assigned to things like bonuses, software installation, game types, accounts, deposits and withdrawals and more.

Online gambling sites with excellent FAQ sections usually post them on their website, as opposed to directly in their software. The best FAQs are searchable according to keywords, and generate the results you're seeking within a few seconds. Both members and non-members should easily be able to access the FAQ.