Turkey Gambling Sites

turkey gambling sites

Live and online gambling in Turkey has been illegal since 2007. The country had previously been home to a thriving legal gambling hub for European and Asian players. Since the prohibition of all forms of gambling, the prospect of gambling online in Turkey has diminished greatly.

However, the government's inability to regulate offshore based gambling services has helped keep the Turkish online gambling community alive.

Best Turkey Gambling Sites

Best Online Gambling Sites for Turks

The outlawing of online gambling by the Turkish government means that there is only one licensed and state operated online gambling service available in Turkey. The government prohibits citizens from establishing gambling services in Turkey but can do little about Turkish citizens using offshore based gambling sites.

Finding the best online gambling sites accepting Turkish members may be very difficult as many online gambling sites prohibit account registration to Turkish citizens. Only a select few online gambling sites offer their services in the Turkish language. Turkish citizens who can properly navigate through a gambling site in the English language will have a much larger selection of sites to choose from. Using foreign based gambling services gives Turkish citizens access to the following forms of gambling:

  • Sportsbooks featuring European soccer
  • Horse and dog racing betting sites
  • Casino sites featuring Blackjack and slots games
  • Poker sites featuring Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker
  • Bingo halls featuring 75 and 90 ball bingo cards

Prospective Turkish gamblers will have to use the Euro currency in order to gamble online because the very best gambling sites do not accepted the Turkish Lira as a valid currency. Due to the Lira's poor value, many international financial services do not allow their members to transfer funds using the Lira currency. Certain online financial services even prohibit Turkish citizens from transferring funds to gamble online. Turkish citizens will have to thoroughly research online gambling banking services before attempting to make a deposit at a gambling site.

Turkish gamblers who do find an online gambling site and financial service to fund their account with should have no problems taking advantage of any available sign up bonuses. The best online gambling sites for Turkish members will have at least a 100% match bonus on first time deposits as well as continuous loyalty bonus offers. Expect to find specific bonuses depending on the type of gambling available. For example, online casino sites often have special Blackjack bonuses while sportsbook sites like to promote bonus offers specific to sporting events such as the World Cup or the Superbowl.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Turkey?

All forms of online gambling services not operated by the state are prohibited in Turkey. The government outlaws all citizens from using or establishing non-sanctioned online gambling sites in Turkey. While the Turkish government does not have jurisdiction on foreign based gambling sites, citizens can still be prosecuted for engaging in illegal online gambling activity.