Ireland Online Gambling

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The country of Ireland has a strange relationship with gambling. The country itself has had a ban on casinos since 1956; however, the Irish government has a welcoming attitude towards online gambling sites. In fact, the government even declared online gambling to be free of taxes. This means that there are several great places for Irish players to compete in online gambling. It also means that many Ireland deposit methods are available.

Best Ireland Online Gambling Sites

While many gambling sites operate out of country of Ireland, Irish players can also access many great gambling sites from other countries.

Best Online Gambling Sites For Irish Players

Many qualities are taken into consideration when choosing the best Irish gambling sites. Many gambling sites are based in Ireland and sites from other countries accept Irish players as well. This means that there is a large selection for Irish players to choose from. When narrowing these selections down to just the best Ireland online gambling sites, an important factor to look for is popularity. A large population of Irish players is a good indication that it is one of the best Irish poker sites.

This will give players from Ireland more opportunities to play real money games with people from their own country. Other important factors include the quality of the gambling site's security and customer service systems.

The best Ireland gambling sites offer plenty of different games in a range of different stakes. Players at the best Ireland gambling sites are also offered variety in the various Irish deposit methods that are available. These top Irish casinos are also known to have fast payments and easy withdrawal methods so players can bank the big jackpot as soon as possible.

The best Ireland gambling sites reward their customers for their continued loyalty with bonuses, promotions and VIP membership clubs. These special offers can be in the form of free money, free goods, free tournament buy-ins or other promotional offers. Some Irish gambling sites even give players bonus money for all deposits made with an alternative payment option. These promotions are usually run with Irish deposit methods, which give players from Ireland even more incentives to play at these gambling sites.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Ireland?

Online gambling is not only completely legal in Ireland, the government actually gives tax exemption status to online gambling sites. Although the Irish Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 put a ban on live gambling and casinos, Ireland online gambling still thrives. This is because, in 2003, the government began granting licenses to online gambling sites to operate within the country of Ireland. Therefore, Irish gamblers never have to worry about being blocked from online gambling. Irish deposit methods are also readily available.