India Online Gambling

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Online gambling is booming in India. The country has hosted its own online gambling tournaments and is open to licensing gambling sites within the country.

There is currently only one gambling site licensed in India but several companies are scrambling to secure their own license because the Indian gambling market is reported to be worth billions of dollars.

Best Indian Gambling Sites

Top Online Gambling Sites For Players In India

India has no formal laws against online gambling, so most major gambling sites accept Indian players. The best sites for Indian players offer software and instructions in Hindi, which is the official language of India. English is a secondary official language in the country so players should have no trouble finding an online gambling site to play on. In addition, players want to select an Indian online gambling site that accepts deposits and withdrawals in rupees, which is the official currency of India.

The best Indian online gambling sites give players a varied selection of online casino games they love to play. Generally, sites offer slot games, table games, card games and video poker games. Most regular casinos in India do not offer table games, so players are forced to go online if they want to play games like roulette or craps. The best India online gambling sites are well populated by players of all skill levels. This ensures that players will always find someone who has similar gambling experiences to play against.

Making Indian gambling deposits is easy because no formal online gambling laws exist in the country. Players are free to use bank transfers, credit cards and eWallet services to deposit and withdraw money without worry. Players should choose an Indian online gambling site that allows transactions in rupees in order to avoid any conversion or exchange rate issues. Additionally, the best sites encrypt user data to make sure all transaction information is secure.

Players should select an Indian online gambling site that gives players a bonus for signing up. Most bonuses are given in the form of points that can be used for wagers during game play. The best Indian online gambling sites provide bonuses in real cash. Unfortunately, these are rarely given in rupees, so Indian players will have to convert their money before using it.

Is Online Gambling Legal in India?

Currently, online gambling in India is neither illegal nor legal. There is nothing in Indian law that addresses online gambling. Many people assume online gambling is banned because live gambling is only allowed in certain places in the country. In actuality, the only place online gambling is illegal in India is in the state of Maharashtra due to the Bombay Wager Act. There is absolutely no enforcement against online gambling in the other states of India.