Hungary Online Gambling

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Online gambling is popular in Hungary with one company offering nearly all of the legal gaming services in the country. However, Hungarians are only able to place sports bets and participate in lottery games legally.

All other forms of online gambling are illegal in Hungary. This hasn't stopped players, as Hungary online gambling sites are more popular than ever.

Best Hungarian Gambling Sites

Top Gambling Sites For Players In Hungary

The Hungarian government has put a ban on transactions between Hungarian banks and offshore gambling sites. A lot of sites simply prohibit Hungarian players from playing to avoid any problems with the Hungarian government. Thankfully for Hungarian gamblers, there are a number of reputable sites that will allow them to play. The best Hungary online gambling sites offer their software in Hungarian and allow transactions in the forint, which is the official currency of Hungary.

A wide variety of games is one of the first considerations a player should make when selecting a Hungarian online gambling site. The best casino sites offer many variations on standard casino games. Sites generally offer card games, table games, slot games and video poker games. The most popular games among Hungarian online gamblers are slots and table games.

Hungarian gambling deposits can be tricky because the government does not allow banks to work with foreign gambling sites. Players can get around this ban by using eWallet services. Players can deposit money directly from their bank account to this service. This way, no transfers ever occur directly between a bank and an online gambling site. When making Hungarian online gambling deposits, players must know the current exchange rates if the Hungarian forint is not an accepted currency. Sites using the US dollar are preferred for Hungarian players because it has a good exchange rate with the forint.

The best Hungary online gambling sites provide large bonuses to players. Bonuses are usually offered on a player's initial deposit. The best Hungary gambling sites match a large percentage of this first deposit. Additionally, Hungarian players should choose a site that has several ongoing promotions. The best promotions give players prizes and bonus money for simply playing online games. Hungarian players have to read all rules and restrictions to make sure they receive their proper bonuses and promotions. Often, players are prohibited from combining promotions.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Hungary?

While online sports bets and lottery games have been legal in Hungary since 1998, all other forms of online gambling are not. Hungary bans any banks in the country from processing transactions made with foreign online gambling sites. However, Hungarian players are still able to gamble online because the country has no jurisdiction where foreign online gambling sites are hosted.