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Gambling in Greece is only allowed inside licensed casinos. However, the popularity of online gambling in the country has grown as players turn to offshore gambling sites for their gaming needs.

Greek gamblers tend to favor card games, but slots and table games are rising in popularity. Players in Greece generally gamble online from their own homes to avoid being fined.

Best Greek Gambling Sites

Top Online Gambling Sites For Players In Greece

Although online gambling is illegal in Greece, most large international online casino sites allow Greek players. When selecting an online gambling site, Greek players should look for sites offering software in Greek. In addition, players will want to select a gambling site that accepts transactions in Euros, Greece's national currency. This will allow players to gamble without having to convert their currency.

Greece online gambling sites give players a wide variety of games for money to choose from. Players will want to select a site that offers card games, slot games, video poker games and table games. The best Greece online gambling sites offer several variations within each category. For example, Greek players enjoy playing progressive jackpot slot games and blackjack card games. The best Greece gambling sites will have many players online throughout the day to ensure the best competition for players.

Most online gambling sites provide betting bonuses when players initially deposit money into their accounts. The best Greece gambling sites have bonuses given in Euros to make sure players won't lose any money when they convert their currency. Sites also offer various promotions throughout the month. The best Greece gambling sites give players prizes or money for playing on a certain day or winning a certain amount of money.

Online gambling is illegal in Greece, so players are forced to make transactions from their homes. This helps players avoid detection from the Greek government who may be monitoring the online activity of Internet cafes. The best Greek deposit methods are credit cards and eWallet services. Players have to be careful when depositing or withdrawing money because if they are caught by the Greek government they will have to forfeit all of the money they have deposited or won.

The best Greece online gambling websites provide 24/7 customer service. The best sites provide customer service through a variety of communication methods and address any concern a player may have.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Greece?

No online gambling sites are based in Greece because the country has completely banned all forms of Internet gambling. A law passed in 2002 made all electronic games, including computer and console games, illegal in the country. While that law has since been relaxed, online gambling sites are still illegal. Despite the law, Greek gamblers continue to play online discreetly from their homes. Greece is expected to legalize some forms of online gambling in the very near future, some time in mid 2011.