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Online gambling is extremely popular in Germany, with over 2.2 million Germans regularly playing online. Due to this popularity, most major online gambling sites offer software in German.

German gambling persists despite a complete ban on online gambling in the country.


Best German Gambling Sites

Top Online Gambling Sites for German Players

Although online gambling is illegal in the country, almost all online gambling sites allow German players. German players will want to select a site that allows deposits and withdrawals in Euros and features software and instructions written in German. In addition, the best German online gambling sites have a reputation for offering excellent customer service, security and game variety.

German players have varying tastes and playing styles, which requires German online gambling sites to offer many different games and tournaments for players to enjoy. The best Germany gambling sites feature video poker, slots, table games and card games. The most popular games among German players are roulette and craps. Due to their varying tastes, German players should select an online gambling site with a large user base. This will ensure that there will always be players from several skill levels playing many different casino games.

Depositing money at German online gambling sites can be an issue. Germany bans all forms of online gambling and the country will occasionally block players from transferring money to and from a site. It is important for German online gamblers to keep up to date on the latest German gambling bans. If players have deposited money at a site that the German government decides to block, they will lose the money they have deposited along with any of their winnings.

Despite the threat of bans, German gamblers continue to deposit and withdraw money at gambling sites. The best German gambling deposit methods are credit card and eWallet deposits. German players should avoid using bank transfers because they are easier for the German government to track. A player caught depositing or withdrawing money could face harsh fines.

Most online gambling websites offer players large gambling bonuses on their first deposits. The best German online gambling sites match a large percentage of this initial deposit, giving players plenty of money to play with. Players will want to keep up to date on any promotions offered by online gambling sites to make sure they are always getting the best bonuses available.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Germany?

Although live gambling is accepted in certain areas of Germany, online gambling is completely illegal. No German online gambling sites can offer games of chance or skill played for money or prizes. While citizens of other countries that ban online gambling can turn to foreign sites for their gambling needs, Germans are forbidden from doing this. However, many Germans ignore this ban and continue to gamble online for real money, and the country is under growing scrutiny from the online gaming industry and the European Commission (EC).