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China is a developing country in East Asia with a booming economy that is growing at a tremendous rate. Gambling in all forms is illegal in China expect for the state lottery. However, many Chinese citizens find ways around these laws to spend an estimated $4 billion a year on gambling online. Casino sites are becoming increasingly popular with more and more Chinese citizens gaining access to the Internet every year.


Best Chinese Gambling Sites

Despite laws outlawing it, gambling is a socially acceptable activity in China. Gambling has existed in China for thousands of years and Chinese citizens regularly participate in it both online and offline. It is common for the Chinese government to punish casino operators but not punish the citizens actually playing the games. It is rare for people to be charged with a crime for participating in gambling.

Online gambling is extremely profitable in China and the government undoubtedly recognizes that. Many people expect the government to lift the ban on gambling in China in the future. Many international online gaming sites are still hesitant to allow access to Chinese players. There are only a select few that are taking advantage of the huge revenue possibilities and marketing their sites in China.

Best Online Gambling Sites For Players In China

It is very difficult to find a Chinese gambling site based in the country because of government enforcement. However, a few international online gambling companies allow access for Chinese players.

The most important thing to look for when choosing a Chinese gambling site is the reputability and security of the site. Sites that have a lot of Chinese players registered with them are usually reputable and safe. The security of financial transactions and customer support offered in the Chinese language are also important when choosing a site.

Top Chinese gambling sites offer gambling games that can be played for real money. Cash games are very popular in the country because most Chinese players are looking to make quick cash. The games that are popular among Chinese players and are offered on the best sites include:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Keno
  • Slots

One of the most important things to look for is a gambling site that has a deposit policy that works for Chinese players. The best online gambling sites will readily accept the Chinese Yuan as payment. Depositing money is often difficult because Chinese banks and credit card companies will automatically block transactions to online gambling sites. One option for Chinese deposits is using the online payment service 1-Pay, which has recently been bought by Neteller. Withdrawing money from a gambling account can also be done via 1-Pay.

The best Chinese gambling sites offer competitive gambling signup bonuses to players. Welcome bonuses on first deposits and bonuses for consistent play are important features to look for. Choose a site that allows you to redeem bonuses for cash. Make sure that the withdrawal method you are using is reliable so you will be able to redeem bonuses for cash easily.

Is Online Gambling Legal In China?

The legality of online gaming is a complicated issue in China. Online gambling is technically illegal, but legislation is vague and enforcement is not consistent. Online gambling remains a very profitable industry in China despite the laws against it.  I couldn't really find any "official" info on internet gambling laws in China, but I did find this article about gambling in general.