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Brazil is a country located in South America that has a large population and a growing economy. Many international gambling companies see the revenue potential in Brazil and are eager to market their sites to Brazilians. However, gambling has been illegal in the country since 1960, which also makes online gambling illegal. Many Brazilians still gamble online despite the rigorous opposition by the government. Citizens spend billions of dollars every year on Brazilian gambling sites and the industry continues to grow.

Best Gambling Sites For Players In Brazil

Best Online Gambling Sites For Brazilians

There are no gambling sites based in Brazil because the government does not issue licenses to them. Brazilians wishing to gamble online will have to choose a site based overseas. There are many reputable gambling websites from around the world that accept Brazilian players. There are things Brazilian players should consider before starting an account with any site beyond standard bonuses.

It is possible to find the best gambling sites that hav a Portuguese language option if players are diligent. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and most of the country's Internet users speak this language. Additionally, it is even more challenging to find a site that offers customer support in the Portuguese language

The best Brazilian gambling sites offer a wide variety of poker games and online slot machines. Both poker and slots are popular in Brazil. The best sites will offer a variety of poker options to players including Texas Hold' em, 7-card Stud and Razz. Choose a site that also has many slots to choose from including 3 to 7 reel slots and bonus slots.

It is essential that players choose a gambling site that accepts the Brazilian real currency as payment. Many international sites accept this form of currency. If users try to deposit the Brazilian real through a bank wire or a credit card into a gambling account, occasionally it will be rejected because of government laws.

Often, the best deposit and withdrawal options are online payment services like Moneybookers. Another option is a deposit method specifically designed for Brazilians called Boleto Bancario. This is a bar-coded transfer service that is processed through Brazilian banks.

Deposit bonuses are an important feature of any good Brazilian gambling site. Players should choose a site that offers bonuses including:

  • Welcome bonuses of at least a 75% on your first deposit.
  • A rewards point system in which points can be redeemed for tournament entries, cash or prizes.
  • Continual bonuses awarded for consistent play.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Brazil?

Online gambling is illegal in Brazil. It is encompassed by the law passed in the 1960s that outlawed gambling in the country. There are also no gambling sites operating legally out of Brazil. The government is currently trying to pass legislation that specifically outlaws online gambling and imposes fines or jail time to people who violate the law.