Earning Comps At Gambling Sites

The online gambling sites with the best comps offer lucrative VIP loyalty programs that reward players who wager real money on casino games. With a typical online casino VIP program, you'll receive points for each dollar you wager, and you can redeem the points for comps, including cash and prizes. However, VIP programs at different types of online gambling sites vary in the ways in which they award points, offer point redemptions, and organize their program structures to real money online casino players.

Best Online Gambling Sites For Comps

Signing Up For VIP Programs At Gambling Sites With The Best Comps

At the vast majority of online gambling sites, you can sign up for VIP programs simply by creating a new account and making a deposit. On occasion, a site will offer an invitation-only VIP program, which may require you to meet a certain wagering requirement, maintain an account for a certain amount of time, or satisfy some other criteria.

Earning Points At Gambling Sites With The Best Comps

After you enroll in a VIP program at an online gambling site, you'll usually be able to immediately start earning VIP points, which can be called a variety of things depending on the site you choose. Despite the name variations, the principle remains the same: for each dollar you wager on a casino game, you'll receive a certain number of points. The number of points you earn from each wagered dollar should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the VIP program. However, point earning rates can vary between games. A common example of a point-to-dollar schedule might look like this:

  • Slots and Keno - 5 points per dollar
  • Video poker - 4 points per dollar
  • Most table games - 3 points per dollar
  • Blackjack - 2 points per dollar
  • Even money wagers in roulette - 1 point per dollar

The number of points you earn for each dollar wagered on any online casino game depends on multiple factors, such as the expected pace of play (faster = less points per dollar) and the advantage the casino has over the player (higher house edge = more points per dollar). You can help to maximize your point earnings and receive comps more quickly by playing games with the best point-to-dollar ratios.

Players should note that acquiring points does not require you to lose money, but only to wager it.

VIP Ladders At Gambling Sites With The Best Comps

Gambling sites with comp promotions sometimes offer a multi-tiered VIP program. With this type of program, the points you accumulate will be assessed on regular basis, such as every month or every six months. The number of points you earn will determine your level within the multi-tiered VIP program, which may contain as many as 10 or more levels.

When you reach a new level, you can expect new perks to open up. Examples of these include the following:

  • Point multipliers, often up to 9x or 10x, that greatly increase the rate at which you earn VIP points.
  • Higher table limits, allowing you to wager more on each spin or hand.
  • Access to additional comp rewards, such as the ability to turn more points into cash or prizes each month.
  • Access to lucrative freeroll tournaments, in which you'll compete against other players to earn a real money prize without paying a buy-in.
  • Invitation to live events sponsored by online gambling sites.
  • Special VIP treatment, such as a customer support specialist dedicated to managing your account.

Comp Rewards At Gambling Sites With The Best Comps

When a site uses your VIP points to determine your status level, they'll sometimes offer a second VIP currency that's only used for point redemptions. This prevents you from losing your spot in the VIP ladder when you redeem your points. The comps on which you can spend your points vary heavily from one online gambling site to the next, though they usually entail cashback rewards, valuable merchandise and more.

Some sites focus on offering electronic merchandise as comps, including televisions, video game consoles, MP3 players, smartphones and stereo systems. Players who save up enough VIP points can sometimes access significantly more valuable comps, such as trips, fine jewelry and even cars. Only the most avid high stakes players typically earn enough points to receive these types of rewards.

Most players prefer to redeem their points for cash instead of merchandise. In many cases, you'll be rewarded with larger cashback prizes if you save up additional points before spending them. For example, you might spend 100 points to receive $10, while redeeming 1,000 points at once could yield $150. If you had redeemed your 1,000 points in chunks of 100, the total reward would only equal $100.