Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are one of the biggest advantages of gambling real money at casinos online. With so many online casinos and gambling sites on the web, they all compete to try and get you as a customer. As a casino player you should take advantage of the fact that the online casino sites want you as a real money customer and make sure you get the best value out of any casino deposit bonuses you are offered.

There are many different forms of gambling bonuses offered by online casinos, and as a casino player you should be looking to get the best value out these bonuses. One way of extracting maximum value is to sign up at several different online casino sites and claim their sign up bonuses. Most online casinos offer an incentive to sign up and deposit at their casinos so registering a few new accounts at different casino sites can get you plenty of extra cash. Online casinos are also keen to reward their regular customers too, so you can also get loads of extra value by playing more at one online casino.

Casino Sites With The Best Signup Bonus

On this page we discuss the advantages of online casino gambling bonuses, the different types of casino bonuses available at gaming sites, and other information you should be aware of before making a first deposit.

Why do Online Casinos offer Bonuses?

Online casinos offer gambling bonuses for two primary reasons. The first is to attract new customers to their online casino, which is usually done by way of a sign up bonus, or initial deposit bonus. This is a bonus you get when you first sign up to an online casino and make a deposit. A sign up bonus is a one-time offer that virtually all online casinos use in their marketing to encourage new sign ups.

The second main reason online casinos offer bonuses is to reward loyalty. The best online casinos place a lot of value on keeping their customers happy and one of the more obvious ways of doing this is to provide plenty of on-going bonuses to players who keep playing with them. Most online casinos recognise that if they look after their customers well they stop them leaving to play elsewhere and also build up a good reputation that can help attract more new players.

Benefits of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos bonuses are hugely beneficial to casino players, and are one of the best points about playing casinos online. Anyone can take advantage of online casino bonuses and they are great way to get extra value out your online casino play. If you know what you are doing then it is perfectly possible to make some good money out of casino bonuses.

Put simply, casino signup bonus offers can be as good as free money. You will usually, but not always, have to deposit money get maximum value from them and they essentially provide you with extra money to play casino games with. This obviously improves your chances of winning and the more casinos deposit bonuses you claim the more likely you are to win money.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

There are many different types of bonuses offered at online casino sites. Pretty much every online casino will offer a sign up bonus and some form of regular reload bonus, but there are many other types available too. Generally speaking, the more you play at a gambling site the more bonuses you will receive. At some online casinos you have to join their VIP or loyalty scheme to get the best bonuses; this process is normally automated and based on your activity in the casino.

Below we’ve listed the main types of online casino bonuses that players are likely to be offered by online casino sites. Each of these online casino bonuses will tend to come in one of two forms – a real money bonus or a play bonus – and it is important to understand the distinction between these. A real money bonus is added to your account and, once you have cleared any wagering requirements, is yours to keep. A play bonus gives you extra chips in your account to play with, but you only get to keep any winnings and not the actual bonus funds.

Sign Bonuses/Initial Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus is offered by virtually every online casino there is. It is a key method used by online casinos to attract new customers and is only offered when you first join a casino. The bonus is usually offered as a percentage of your initial deposit and can be anywhere from 50% up to 500% depending on the casino. Initial deposit bonuses can come in play bonus form or as real money bonus. If possible, you should always try and claim the maximum amount possible on your first deposit to get the most value. Some online casinos will offer additional bonuses on your next couple of deposits too as part of their sign up offer.

No Deposit Bonuses/Free Bonuses

A selection of online casinos will offer a no deposit bonus when you sign up. These tend not to be very large, but give you a chance to try out the casino software and see if you like it before deciding to make your own deposit. In most instances, you will still be able to claim an initial deposit bonus after claiming a no deposit bonus.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are offered by a lot of online casinos and are one of the more common ways to reward regular players. This type of casino bonus is very similar to an initial deposit bonus and is also based on the size of deposit you make. Some casino gambling sites will offer reload bonuses at random times or as part of a promotion while others will have a regular weekly or monthly reload bonus. Often, the size and frequency of the reload bonuses you can claim will depend on your status at the casino – i.e. how much and how often you play.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses at casino websites can come in different forms, but are basically based on the amount you play at an online casino. A loyalty bonus can often be in the form of an extra reload bonus to reward you for your loyalty or can even be a fixed amount added to your account.

High Roller Bonuses

For casino players that like to deposit larger amounts, many online casinos will have specific bonuses that require a certain size deposit. These are called high roller bonuses and can be some of the most generous casino bonuses available. Although you will have to deposit quite a high amount to get them, the size of the bonus can often be very generous indeed.

VIP Bonuses

VIP bonuses are similar to loyalty bonuses and again they can come in different forms. Many online casinos have tiered VIP schemes that enable you to progress through the ranks the more you play. Usually, when you qualify for the next tier in the scheme, you get an extra VIP bonus. This might be a reload bonus or a free bonus deposited straight into your account.

Preferred Deposit Bonuses

A number of online casinos will give you an additional bonus if you deposit using a certain method, such as an e-wallet. It will usually be a percentage of whatever deposit you make using that method.

Preferred online casino deposit methods bonus offers can provide great extra value each time you deposit and can be either play bonuses or real money bonuses.

Refund Bonuses/Cash back Bonuses

Refund bonuses, or cash back bonuses, are usually part of a VIP scheme. At online casinos that offer this type of bonus, you can be credited with a percentage of your previous month’s losses as a bonus. At some online casinos, particularly if you are a regular player, you might be credited with a random refund bonus at any time – for example if you’ve had a bad run at the tables or in the slots.

After Wagering Bonuses

Some online casinos will offer after wagering bonuses either as part of their VIP scheme or as part of a one-off promotion. An after wagering bonus is awarded to you after you done a certain amount of wagering in the casino.

Comp Points

If you have ever played in a brick and mortar casino, you are probably familiar with player cards. Casinos use player cards to keep track of how much their customers are playing and add points to their card based on the time they spend at the tables and their average stake. Comp points can then be exchanged for free chips, gifts, accommodation or food and drink.

At online casinos that have a comp point system, you will be awarded comp points every time you play for real money in the casino. You can then exchange these points for cash in your account or sometimes for other gifts and prizes. Some online casinos allow you to exchange your points at any time during the month, while others will automatically convert them at the end of each month.

Online Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

If you plan on taking advantage of online casino bonuses then there is one invaluable piece of advice we can offer you; ALWAYS check the terms and conditions of a bonus. The terms and conditions of online casino bonuses can vary dramatically from one online casino to another. They can also differ depending on the type of bonus offered.

If you don’t understand the terms and conditions of a bonus then you might experience difficulties when it comes to cashing out any winnings. Virtually all online casino bonuses come with wagering requirements attached and sometimes only wagering at certain games will count. There can also be other conditions attached so it is absolutely imperative that you fully understand the exact terms.

Online casino bonuses can be of great benefit to casino players. You should always try and take advantage of casino bonuses when you get offered them as they really provide some extra value to your play. Just always be sure to read through the terms and conditions first.