Best Odds Online Gambling Sites

By choosing online gambling sites with the best odds, you'll have the greatest chance of winning real money in exchange for your wagers. In many cases, this will depend on the game types offered by the online gambling sites themselves. Some casino gambling games offer excellent chances of winning, while others are more in favor of the house. Players interested in boosted their odds of making a positive return should also consider the bonuses offered by online gambling sites, as these can offer free money and allow for bigger wagers.

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Payout Percentages And Odds At Gambling Sites

There are two primary indicators of your odds of winning at online gambling websites: house edges and payout percentages. Payout percentages are sometimes published by gambling sites to indicate their return rates for games such as video poker and slots.

The payout percentage for video poker games and online slots games indicates how much money is returned to players, on average, from the money paid to the house as wagers. For example, a payout ratio of 98.5% indicates that only 1.5% of the money wagered at the casino is not paid back to players. The gambling sites with the best odds usually feature payout percentages above 90% for most slots games. However, accepting side bets and bonus rounds can either improve or diminish your odds of winning, so it's important to analyze these types of features before using them.

While slots is a game based strictly on luck, video poker takes additional strategy in order to win. When online gambling sites publish their payout percentages for their video poker games, they usually pertain to optimal play. Although it can be complicated and time consuming to learn the optimal strategies for various video poker games, doing so can significantly improve your odds, with some games offering a payout percentage of nearly 100%. As with slots, utilizing optional side bets and bonus rounds in video poker can sometimes reduce its payout percentage.

House Edges Playing Real Money Gambling Games

House edges are terms used to indicate the casino's advantage for table games and specialty games, including roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, 3 Card Poker and more. The house edge may be listed as an average figure for the entire game type, though most games have different house edges for different available wagering options. As house edges increase, the odds of winning decrease.

By placing the smartest wagers on online casino games, real money online players can usually expect a house edge of between 1% and 10% when wagering on games on the internet.

Low House Edge Online Gambling Game Types

In order to find the gambling sites with the best odds, you'll often need to browse the game type listings of various sites. Some game types offer much lower house edges than others, and this is even true of variations of a single game type.

Blackjack, for example, has dozens of available game variations, many of which have larger house edges than traditional blackjack. The blackjack variation with the lowest house edge is single-deck blackjack. Blackjack can be played with up to eight decks in the shoe, and adding additional decks raises the house edge.

Roulette is available in many forms at online gambling sites, including American, French, European and Mini Roulette. Both French and European Roulette have lower overall house edges due to the fact that their wheels do not contain a 00 slot, but only a single 0 slot. When the ball lands in either the 0 or 00 slot, the player loses.

Bonuses At Gambling Sites With The Best Odds

Most online gambling websites offer a standard set of bonuses, which may include initial deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, refer a friend bonuses and VIP program bonuses. Although accepting a bonus won't directly increase your odds of winning individual wagers on casino games, they do allow you to pad your bankroll with free bonus money. In effect, this improves your chances of ending your betting session at an online gambling site with a larger balance in your account.

Initial deposit bonuses match a certain percentage of your initial deposit and enter it into your account as bonus dollars. For example, an initial deposit bonus of 100% will match your deposit equally as a bonus. Reload bonuses work the same way, often with lower matching percentages. Both reload and initial deposit bonuses have a maximum value. Reload bonuses are only available on your later deposits at online gambling sites.

Those seeking gambling sites with the best odds should also take advantage of referral bonuses, which reward you when you refer a friend to a site. Some of the best sites offer bonuses of $100 or more for each friend, which can significantly improve your odds of making an overall profit at online gambling sites even when using suboptimal betting strategies.