Harness Racing Gambling Sites

Harness racing gambling sites provide horse racing gambling fans with a variety of wagers from tracks all around the world. The only problem we’ve found with harness racing online is that it can be difficult to find gambling sites that cover harness racing. Horse racing in general is easy to find online, but harness racing is a specific type of racing that not all online sportsbooks follow.

Best Harness Racing Sites

The good news is that we’ve managed to identify several mainstream gambling sites that offer online harness racing betting. If you follow the sport of horse harness racing, these are the sites we recommend the most. Each of these gambling sites is highly regarded in the industry for being a safe and secure place to bet.

Top Rated Online Harness Racing Betting Sites

Finding a decent harness racing gambling site can be a challenge because there are many horse racing sites out there but few of them actually offer harness racing betting to any major degree. The time it takes to visit each racebook and figure out if it offers harness racing betting can add up quickly.

The fastest way to find the best harness betting site for your needs is to visit the recommended gambling sites on this page. These sites all offer harness racing, so you can pick and choose which sites look the best for your needs. The one thing these gambling sites all have in common is that they are large, safe places to wager.

We also select horse racing sites based on the ease of getting started. Sites that accept players from all locations are automatically ranked higher than sites that only accept players from a few specific countries. We also give extra weight to harness racing gambling sites that accept popular deposit methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Moneybookers, Diners Club and so on.

About Online Harness Racing Gambling

The largest harness racing gambling sites cover tracks that are located all around the world. These gambling sites also do a nice job in offering a wide variety of betting options. Any type of bet that you could find in person at a racetrack can also be found online at the largest harness betting sites.

If you’re already familiar with horse racing betting, you’ll feel right at home with harness racing betting online. The types of wagers that are available for harness races are basically the same as for other types of horse betting. Some of the wagers you’ll find at harness racing gambling sites include win, place and show bets as well as a variety of exotic wagers.

Harness racing betting sites cover horse races all year long, but there are several major events each year that generate the most action. The list of most important races varies based on the country, but the following harness races tend to garner the most attention:

  • The Hambletonian
  • The Little Brown Jug
  • The Breeders Crown
  • The Gold Cup and Saucer
  • The Inter Dominion Series
  • The Miracle Mile
  • A.G. Hunter Cup
  • The Victoria Cup
  • Australian Pacing Championship
  • The Auckland Cup
  • New Zealand Cup
  • Prix d'Amérique at Vincennes
  • Elitloppet
  • Gran Premio Lotteria di Agnano