Tens or Better Video Poker

Tens or Better is a video poker game that can be played in a real world casino or online betting gallery. It’s a variant on the classic Jacks or Better that substitutes a pair of tens for a pair of Jacks, which leads of course to very different looking flushes and full houses. The playing strategy, however, is very similar for the two games.

Best Tens or Better Video Poker Gambling Sites

All video poker games begin with placing your bet. Different poker console designers use different graphic interfaces, but somewhere on the video console display you will see a plus sign and a minus sign: you place your bet by choosing the denomination of the coins you want to wager, using the plus sign to increase the bet and the minus sign to decrease the bet. You can play any amount between one and five coins.

Elsewhere on the video console display you may also see another pair of options: “Bet One” and “Bet Max.” Choosing “Bet One” allows you to add another coin to the bet; when you are finished adding coins, press the “Deal” option for your hand. “Bet Max” increases your bet to the maximum amount allowed and automatically initiates the deal. The machine will deal you five cards from a 52 card deck.

At the bottom of each card that’s dealt you will see a button marked “Hold.” Use the “Hold” button to save the cards you want to play. Then hit “Deal” again to replace the cards you have decided to discard. If you are not dealt a winning combination, the game ends there. If you are dealt a winning combination, you may choose between collecting your winnings or taking a chance on doubling them, a process that involves choosing a card that’s lower than what the dealer holds from four dealt face down.


  • There are no wild cards
  • You must place your bet before you begin to play
  • The objective is to end up with either the highest or the lowest hand

The hierarchy, from lowest to highest, is:

  • Tens or better
  • Two pair
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight (five cards of sequential rank)
  • Flush (five cards of the same suite)
  • Full house (three matching cards of one rank, two matching cards of another rank)
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush (cards of sequential rank and the same suit)
  • Royal flush (ace, king, queen, jack, and ten in the same suit)


Unlike slot machines, video poker is a casino game that requires a certain degree of skill in order to play the odds. Poker odds are a measure of the probability that you will draw a particular hand; they are the basis for the bets you make. What you are essentially doing is looking at your cards, and figuring out all the different hands you could choose to play with them. The lower the probability of drawing a particular combination, the higher the payoff associated with that combination.

In Tens or Better, the probabilities of drawing particular combinations are as follows:

  • Hand without any winning combinations: 0.505482
  • Tens or better: 0.254251
  • Two pair: 0.129007
  • Three of a kind: 0.074265
  • Straight: 0.012357    
  • Flush: 0.010654
  • Full house: 0.011497
  • Four of a kind: 0.002358
  • Straight flush: 0.000103
  • Royal flush: 0.000026

Basic Strategy

Tens or Better strategy, like all poker strategy, is based on making the statistically best decisions about whether or not to play particular card combinations.

To choose a good paying poker machine, check the full house and flush payouts you get for playing a single coin game, as well as the royal flush payout: Ideally, you want a non-progressive game where the payout on a royal flush is 4,000 coins when you bet the maximum five coins.

The great appeal of Tens or Better is that it is easier to win with lower ranked hands. Therefore you will leave most games with a decent payout.

Four thousand coins is a decent payout so it is worth pursuing higher paying hands under certain circumstances. In situations where you are one card short of a flush, straight or straight flush, you are well advised to sacrifice pairs that guarantee you a payout.

Where To Play Tens Or Better Online

Tens or Better is a great video poker variant to play online because wins are more common than traditional Jacks or Better video poker games. If this video poker game sounds interesting, you can visit any of the gambling sites on this page to play. Each Tens or Better video poker site on this page can be considered a safe and fun gambling site.

There are a few factors that we consider the most important when looking for the best Tens or Better video poker sites. First, we look at the safety of any potential gambling site before listing it here. All online gambling sites have to show that they take security serious. We also like to read about the history of all gambling sites before recommending them.

Other positive traits include things such as easy-to-use deposit options, clear graphics, generous payout tables and large signup bonuses. When we take all of these factors into consideration, it becomes apparent which Tens or Better gambling sites really are the best. Sure, there are other places to play this game, but the sites listed here offer the best of everything.