Sevens Wild Video Poker

Sevens wild video poker is played just like five-card draw poker, but sevens act as wild cards and can be used as any card and take on any suit. In sevens wild video poker, players don't compete against other players, only the odds. The object of the game is to make the strongest five-card hand possible.

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The hands are as follows, from strongest to weakest:

  • Natural royal flush: 10, J, Q, K, and Ace of the same suit without wild cards
  • Four wilds: all four wild cards
  • Wild royal flush: royal flush consisting of one or more sevens
  • Five of a kind: five cards of the same value
  • Straight flush: five sequential cards of the same suit
  • Four of a kind: four cards of the same value
  • Full house: a three of a kind and a pair</ui></li>
  • Flush: all five cards the same suit
  • Straight: five sequential cards
  • Three of a kind: three cards of the same value


Before play begins, the player makes his wager. He is then dealt five cards. Of the first five cards, the player must decide which he wants to form his hand with and which he wishes to trade for new ones. This draw happens only once.

In sevens wild, nothing under a three of a kind earns money, so pairs and two-pairs aren't worth anything. This acts as a counter-balance for the wild cards. With the right strategy, however, the sacrifice is well worth it. Players can use the wild cards to get hands that are incredibly unlikely in a regular poker game.


The presence of wild cards significantly changes the strategy to be used. If a player is dealt a seven along with any pair, they've already broken even. From that position, considering the wild cards, the player has a good shot at getting a full house, a four of a kind or even a five of a kind.

Since the wild cards are seven, and sevens are used to make most straights, going for straights is apt to be an unfortunate game plan in sevens wild video poker. Players should always keep an eye on the suits of their cards, since wild cards make a flush far more likely. Players should also be on the lookout for natural three of a kinds, as a lucky draw could quickly turn it into a five of a kind, a hand that's unavailable in regular poker and pays 15 to one on the player's bet.

Needless to say, sevens should be collected and never discarded. While a natural royal flush boasts the highest payout at 800 times the bet, four sevens and wild royal flushes also pay well and are more likely to surface. Since sevens are a huge player advantage, players must capitalize if they want to win consistently.


The following is a list of approximate probability for each hand:

  • Natural royal flush - 0.000023%
  • Four wilds - 0.000205
  • Wild royal flush - 0.002009
  • Five of a kind - 0.003171
  • Straight flush - 0.003301
  • Four of a kind - 0.065389
  • Full House - 0.021337
  • Flush - 0.017320
  • Straight - 0.042622
  • Three of a kind - 0.290605
  • Non-paying hand - 0.554017

While still relatively low, the odds of a good hand are better in sevens wild than in regular poker. Even though pairs and two-pairs don't pay, all a player needs is a three of a kind to save their wager. If a player plays tightly and sticks to a conservative style, they can wait for the perfect time to strike without breaking the bank.

Since the odds of a non-paying hand are a little over 55%, players can expect to break even or make money approximately 44% of the time. Looking at the numbers, players can't help but notice a strange statistic. The odds for a four of a kind are much higher than those for a straight. This reinforces the idea that straights should be avoided.

Sevens wild video poker offers its players better odds for higher-paying hands by turning sevens into wild cards. Hands under a three of a kind, however, are not paid at all. Unlike regular poker, sevens wild has three unique hands: four wilds, wild royal flush and five of a kind. Playing conservatively and ignoring straight opportunities will increase any players chance of winning.

Finding Gambling Sites with Sevens Wild Video Poker

Sevens Wild video poker can be found at several mainstream gambling sites. Not all online casinos offer this video poker variation, but enough do to make it easy to find a place to play online. Based on our own experience, the gambling websites presented on this page are the best for Sevens Wild video poker. We have a long history in the industry and know which gambling sites are the best from the player’s perspective.

Finding gambling sites with Sevens Wild video poker is a long process of visiting all of the top gambling sites and looking through the games list for Sevens Wild. Nearly all gambling sites have video poker games, but not all of them have the specific Sevens Wild variant from this page. The good news is that a few of our favorite gambling sites do provide Sevens Wild video poker.

If you stick with our highest-rated Sevens Wild gambling sites, you’ll be in good hands. The sites that do the best in our rankings are those that always treat players fairly and provide prompt cashouts when requested. The point of only recommending first-tier video poker sites is to give players a chance to just have fun without having to worry about anything else.