Rules of Pick'em Video Poker

Pick'em poker is one of the most unique variations of regular video poker. Compared to regular five card draw, pick'em video poker has both its perks and drawbacks. Pick'em poker has a much different style of dealing and fewer options when it come to choosing cards. Although this altered style of play can be intimidating to newcomers, it's extremely easy to get the hang of.

Best Rules of Pick'em Video Poker Gambling Sites


Like most poker games, the object is to make the best poker hand possible with the five cards available. In pick'em video poker, however, picking and choosing your cards is a bit more difficult. The hand is dealt after the player has made his wager. The machine deals two cards face up, side by side on the player's left. On his right, the machine deals two stacks of three cards each. Only the top cards of these two stacks are face up.

The player must choose one of these two stacks to accompany the two cards on the left. This forms a complete five card stud poker hand. There is no draw; this is the player's final hand.

Pick'em video poker pays out on all of the following hands:

  • Royal flush
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pair
  • Nines or better pair


The odds of top paying hands are always fairly low, but Pick'em poker provides an edge over most video poker games in terms of low-end hand probability. The odds, in essence, are almost exactly the same as regular Jacks or better video poker:

  • Royal flush - 0.000003%
  • Straight flush - 0.000026%
  • Four of a kind - 0.000423%
  • Full house - 0.002354%
  • Flush - 0.003199%
  • Straight - 0.005069%
  • Three of a kind - 0.029996%
  • Two pair - 0.062047%
  • Nines or better pair - 0.228257%

Looking at the following statistics, player might notice that the combined probability of the nines or better pair, two pair and three of a kind hands is just over 30%. When a player concentrates on the lower hands they can enjoy winning more consistently and have a better a chance of turning a profit. Players who play those three hands can expect to win just under one out of every three hands.


The player strategy in Pick'em poker is limited to only two elements: the wager and which stack to choose. The stack chosen is the only real way the player impacts the outcome. Still, players who make practical, educated decisions will be able to make the most out of their 30% chance of winning each hand.

Pick'em video poker is one of the more difficult poker games because it doesn't include wild cards or allow players to draw freely. However, it does have one very attractive advantage. On most video poker machines, a player only breaks even on a jacks or better pair. In pick'em video poker, any pair higher than nines actually makes money on the wager. In most cases, nines or better pairs will actually double the player's bet.

The game offers another slight statistical advantage by showing players the value or suit of a card they're guaranteed not to receive. This can help you better determine the odds of a flush or straight draw. When the player is shown the two stacks of cards, the top cards on top of both stacks are visible. While he can only select one, he does gain a small tactical advantage from knowing what the other card was.

Players will survive longer and have a much better chance of success if they play a tight game. The good player plays without emotion. He waits; he collects on his small victories and waits patiently for the right hand to take a chance on.

Pick'em video poker is based on the same game of regular five card poker that most people are familiar with, but it pays for a few lower hands that many machines don't and has a different method of dealing. The game's three lowest hands that pay have a combined probability of approximately 30%. Players are forced to choose between two stacks of three cards, only the top cards of which are visible. One of the stacks joins two predetermined cards to make up the hand. Sound, conservative strategy reigns supreme.

Best Pick ‘Em Video Poker Gambling Sites

The best Pick ‘Em video poker gambling sites are those that offer players a safe experience and a quality software interface. Safety is always the most important thing to look for in video poker sites for obvious reasons. No matter how great a video poker site may be, it’s simply not worth playing there if it’s not a 100% safe gambling site.

A quality software interface consists of high resolution graphics, buttons that quickly respond to clicks and fast-moving cards. In short, the software interface determines how you interact with your gambling site. The better a software interface is, the more pleasant the experience on your end. For that reason, we always look at the overall quality of the software at any online gambling site.

Not all gambling sites offer Pick ‘Em video poker so we had to do a bit of looking around to find gambling sites that do offer the game. Fortunately, a few mainstream video poker sites do have this variation on hand. You can visit any of the sites listed on this page to play Pick ‘Em poker for real money or free.