Loose Deuces Video Poker

Loose deuces video poker is a fairly straightforward game. It uses wild cards and offers a couple of paying hands that are unique to the game. Wild card possibilities spice up play while keeping the average overall odds level. Just because the odds are balanced, however, doesn't mean they're the same.

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Loose deuces video poker takes a player's wager and deals him five cards. There is then a draw round in which the player attempts to form or improve a hand. The discarded cards are replaced with new ones from a standard 52-card deck. Deuces are wild and can be used as any card without restriction.

Loose Deuces video poker only pays for these ten hands:

  • Royal flush (without deuces)
  • Four deuces
  • Royal flush (with deuces)
  • Five of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind

To balance out the impact of wild cards, two pair and high pair hands are not paid. Also, higher hands are needed to profit. On most loose deuces pay-tables, three of a kinds merely break even. This makes the game more exciting for players by increasing the strength of the common hand.


The odds of winning in loose deuces video poker are more or less balanced with those of conventional poker but differ for certain hands. Players who are used to regular poker may need to make some minor adjustments to the way they play in order to capitalize on the game's statistical advantages.

As always, the likelihood of being dealt a specific hand changes depending upon the hand in question. These are the approximate odds of the ten paying hands in loose deuces poker:

  • Royal flush (without deuces) - 0.000022%
  • Four deuces - 0.000213%
  • Royal flush (with deuces) - 0.001698%
  • Five of a kind - 0.003172%
  • Straight flush - 0.004344%
  • Four of a kind - 0.065117%
  • Full house - 0.021155%
  • Flush - 0.016404%
  • Straight - 0.055403%
  • Three of a kind - 0.284702%

Due to the presence of wild cards, the odds of certain hands go through the roof. When playing loose deuces video poker, the odds of a four of a kind are 6.5%, compared to the 2.1% likelihood of a full house. This drastically changes the way players should think and act when playing. Nevertheless, the probability of a losing hand is roughly 54%.


Some of the basic strategy used to play conventional five card poker can be adapted to work in loose deuces. Players should still hang on to pairs, but should also be looking very carefully at straight draws due to their higher-than-usual probability. Straights are best attempted when they're open ended or when players are left with no other solid opportunities to go on.

In loose deuces video poker, the increased likelihood of a four of a kind makes them a tempting and conservative bet. In this version of poker, the probability of a four of a kind hand is more than 6.5%, compared to their usual probability of 0.2%.

If a player works for three of a kinds instead of straights or flushes, he can secure a free hand 28% of the time without giving up the opportunity for a higher hand. If this strategy is followed, players can play the high odds of three and four of a kinds while still attempting high-paying hands like four deuces or five of a kind.

If the statistics for each winning hand are added together, it becomes evident that players will win approximately 46% of the time. It's also worth noting that the five lowest hands account for the overwhelming majority of this figure. The combined odds of three of a kinds, straights, flushes, full houses, and four of a kinds make up about 45% of the 46% player win rate. Clearly, chasing the big fish could quickly turn into a losing endeavor.

Loose deuces video poker changes the hands that are paid and turns deuces into wild cards. The odds remain balanced, but for certain hands they shift quite a bit. If players are cautious and take solid, unyielding advantage of the increased four of a kind odds, they're apt to be in much better shape.

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