Joker Poker

Joker Poker video poker is played between the dealer and one player. Joker Poker is a version of poker played with one deck of cards. The Joker is left in the card deck and is used as a semi-wild card. It can be played as an ace or used to complete a flush, a straight, or a straight flush.

Best Joker Poker Gambling Sites


A hand of Joker poker begins with the player placing a bet between the minimum and maximum allowed on their gaming machine. Players will receive the highest payouts if they choose to place the maximum bet. Five cards are dealt to the player via the video dealer. If a Joker or winning hand is naturally dealt it is automatically held. Otherwise, once the cards are dealt the player chooses which cards in their hand to keep. Upon completion of this decision the player presses the draw button. This results in any cards that have not been held to be replaced with new cards. Once the new cards are distributed to the player Double Joker Video Poker determines if the player has a winning hand. The majority of double joker video poker games give the player the option to double their winnings via a side game. If a player chooses to play the side game a hand is dealt to the player face down except for the top card, which is facing up. The player has to pick one of the four face down cards that is higher than the visible card to win. If the player is successful, the player doubles their winnings and has the option to try and double their winnings again. If the player loses then the player loses all double or nothing winnings associated with that particular hand and the initial winnings on that hand.


When playing Joker Poker there are 2,598,960 hands that a player has the possibility of being dealt. These hand combinations and the probability of getting one of these hands are listed below. Poker Hand Odds

  • Five of a Kind (via a wild card or joker)
  • Royal Flush 0.000154%
  • Straight Flush 0.00139%
  • Four of a Kind 0.0240%
  • Full House 0.144%
  • Flush 0.197%
  • Straight 0.392%
  • Three of a Kind 2.11%
  • Two Pair 4.75%
  • Pair 42.26%
  • High Card 50.12%

Basic Strategy

The main strategy used when playing Joker Poker is sometimes referred to as the Kings or Better Joker Wild Strategy. This strategy centers on whether the player has a Joker in their hand. If the player is holding a Joker and dealt any of the following combinations it is recommended that these combinations are kept by the player. These combinations include a 4-card Straight Flush, a 4-card Flush containing Kings or Aces, 3-cards to a Royal Flush, winning pairs of Kings or Aces, any 3-cards to a Straight Flush, any 4-card Flush without a King or Ace, and consecutive 4-card Straights. If the player is not dealt any of the previously mentioned combinations then the player should discard all cards except for the Joker. Players that are dealt hands without Jokers are recommended to keep the following cards in order to obtain the best possible hand. These recommended card combinations are 4-cards to a straight flush, 3-cards to a royal flush, 4-cards to any flush, a pair of any 2's to queens, any 3-card to a straight flush, any 4-card consecutive straight, 2-cards to a royal flush if holding an Ace or King, unsuited King and Ace, King or Ace, and 2-suited royal flush cards lower than a King. If the player's dealt hand does not contain any of the previously mentioned combinations it is recommended for the player to draw five new cards.

The Joker appears approximately 10% in online video poker hands. The previous strategy is believed by over 99% of poker experts to consistently increase a player's chances of winning while playing online video poker.

Finding Gambling Sites With Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a popular video poker game that can be found at most online gambling sites. The most important thing to look for in gambling sites that offer Joker Poker is the reputation backing those gambling sites. Real money online gambling requires a certain degree of trust for it to work out for the player.

With that in mind, we have listed the best gambling sites with Joker Poker on this page. We feel that these are the best places to play Joker Poker because they have the best reputations backing them. In addition to safety, these video poker sites also provide players with quality software, fast-moving video poker games and generous payout tables.

Another advantage to playing at these Joker Poker sites is that you’ll be treated to a worthwhile rewards program. Right off the bat, you’ll receive a large deposit bonus at any of these casino sites. After that, you’ll earn rewards that are based on the amount of play-time you put in. The more you play, the more you get in return. When you’re ready to play real money Joker Poker online, visit any of these gambling sties for the best experience on the internet.