Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker, a variation of Jacks or Better, is a very popular form a video poker that is becoming more increasingly played. It is a slightly more complex video poker game than other types of video poker; tougher to master, and tougher to capitalize on. It is a typical video poker game in terms of the rules, but offers much higher payouts for four aces. Payouts increase in hand strength, but in Double Bonus Poker, there are bonus payouts for hands consisting of four aces. A four-of-a-kind hand consisting of aces results in much higher payouts than a four-of-a-kind hand consisting of 2's-Kings.

Best Double Bonus Poker Gambling Sites


Double Bonus Poker is similar to normal video poker games, and has the same rules. It starts with the typical, shuffled, 52 card standard deck. After inserting your coins/money/card/etc. and selecting the amount you would like to bet, you are dealt five cards to play with. Hold the cards you wish to keep, and discard the ones you would like to have replaced. The goal is to make the best five card hand; the best hand being a Royal Flush. Payouts are not given for high cards or pairs lower than Jacks, and there are no wild cards. When playing the full pay version, typically 5 coins or credits, payouts are as high as 800 to 1 for a Royal Flush. Typically the straight flush would offer the next highest payout, but that's when Double Bonus Poker rules comes into play. Four aces will treat you with a 160 to 1 payout, the second highest payout in the game. Play smart and strategically, and this game will have you coming back time and time again.


  • Royal Flush - 0.0021%
  • Straight Flush - 0.0113%
  • Four of a Kind (Aces) - 0.0199%
  • Four of a Kind (2-4) - 0.0524%
  • Four of a Kind (5-Kings) - 0.1608%
  • Full House - 1.119%
  • Flush - 1.4953%
  • Straight - 1.5019%
  • Three of a Kind - 7.2199%
  • Two Pair - 12.4658%
  • Jacks or Better - 19.2379%
  • Nothing - 56.7136%

Basic Strategy

Since the largest payouts come from four-of-a-kind hands and up, it is more rewarding to go for that fourth ace, rather than waiting for another card to hit your full house. You can typically look up and carry around strategy cards when playing Double Bonus Poker, and these are typically very helpful. Here is a typical strategy card for the game:

But, without using a strategy card, here are few written pointers for playing the game:

  • When dealt an incredible starting hand (Straight Flush, Royal Flush, Four-of-a-Kind), obviously keep it.
  • Play aggressively; playing conservative may win you small payouts, but going for that large payout will be well worth it in the end when you finally pick up that fourth ace.
  • Play smart; this game is played by yourself; with no audience, no opponents, and no (human) dealer. Take your time, and make the call you think will benefit you the most.
  • If you start losing, take a break! Frustration and rushed calls will only lead to further losses!
  • Practice doesn't make perfect in this game, BUT, the more you play, the more of a sense you get of the odds.
  • Have fun! Poker is a fun game shared by millions of people all over the world. Enjoy it!

Best Double Bonus Poker Gambling Sites

Finding gambling sites with Double Bonus Poker is not too tough because most major gambling sites today offer the game. Double Bonus Poker is a popular video poker variation and that makes the job of finding gambling sites with the game easy. You can visit any of the online gambling sites mentioned on this page to play Double Bonus video poker for real money.

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