Bonus Poker Video Poker

Video bonus poker is based on the five-card draw poker variant "Jacks or Better", in which players are dealt a hand of five cards, and then given an opportunity to exchange any or all of those cards for new ones from the deck. The object is to build a hand of cards with a value equal or greater than a pair of Jacks. Bonus poker uses a higher payout percentage for four of a kind than the "Jacks or Better" variant, and a lower payout for a Flush or a Full House.

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The game is played using a standard deck of 52 playing cards, Ace through King in each suit of Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. Jokers are not used. The cards are shuffled and the player is dealt five cards. The player is then given one opportunity to exchange up to five cards. After all desired cards have been exchanged, the hand is paid. A Pair of Jacks is the lowest paid hand. Royal Flush is the highest paid hand. A Pair of Tens or less is not paid.


Standardized payout odds in bonus poker are: Jacks or Better, 1:1; Two Pair 2:1; Three of a Kind, 3:1; Straight, 4:1; Flush, 5:1; Full House, 8:1; Four of Kind (5 through King), 25:1; Four of a Kind (2-4), 40:1; Straight Flush, 50:1; Four of a Kind (Ace), 80:1; Royal Flush, 800:1.

Basic Strategy

Proper strategy for bonus poker depends on a good knowledge of the probability for a given hand in relation to the payout values. While the payout values for a machine are usually printed nearby as an enticement to play, hand frequency information is often found on novelty cards sold in the casino gift shop, which may be carried into the casino without difficulty, or may simply be memorized. Strategy begins with selecting a machine, bearing in mind that although payout odds for bonus poker may be standardized, several variations will offer high-risk side wagers such as "Double-Up", which doubles the value of a bet without adding to the house edge. The use of these additional wagers depends on one's purpose in playing the machine rather than affecting strategy; this feature only increases the risk and subsequent reward. "Progressive payout" machines operate on a slightly different payout schedule than does ordinary bonus poker.

When playing a game with the purpose of achieving a 100%+ payout, the primary goal should be to maximize the use of winning hands with large payout odds while minimizing the chance of drawing a losing hand. Since only a single deck of cards is used, and it is shuffled between every hand, "card counting" strategies are ineffective in Bonus Poker. The probability of drawing a given hand is the same in every wager. Since no other players exist at the table, holding a high card in order to bluff an existing winning hand yields no advantage to the player. Payout odds always scale to the amount wagered, so that in absolute terms, betting the maximum allowed credits yields the largest payout on valuable hands, enabling the possibility of larger wins in terms of absolute value.

The card exchange is key to building a winning hand from the initial draw. When a winning hand is dealt, one should always hold all winning cards. Exchanging some components of an existing winning hand in hopes of drawing a higher value hand is always poor strategy. Other basic strategy involves focusing on drawing pairs of royal cards (Jacks or better) in favor of holding three cards to a Straight or Straight Flush, and drawing as many cards as possible except when the initial draw has already dealt a hand that is four to a Straight or Flush. In the case of royal cards, it is often best to hold three non-sequential unsuited royals in hopes of a drawing a Pair of Jacks or better than it is to try for a Straight which may depend on holding a ten, or three to a Flush that depends on non-sequential low cards.

Best results in video poker are always gained by consistent use of strategic drawing, rather than focusing on strategies involving betting, or one's intuition.

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