Bonus Deuces Video Poker

Bonus deuces video poker offers more excitement and bigger hands than regular poker. The game uses the standard five card draw style of play, but offers players bonus jackpots and turns twos into wilds. A bit of luck and a riskier style of play are required to see big profits. This makes for a more fun and thrilling game.

Best Bonus Deuces Video Poker Gambling Sites


After a player bets, the bonus deuces video poker machine deals him five cards. The player then has the opportunity to keep or discard however he sees fit. He only gets to draw once and has to make the best poker hand possible. In bonus deuces, there are a lot of paying hands. The winning hands are listed in order below, starting with the strongest:

  • Natural royal flush - 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit
  • Four deuces and ace - all four wilds plus an ace
  • Four deuces - all four wild cards
  • Wild royal flush - 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit, using wild cards
  • Five of a kind aces - Five aces
  • Five of a kind 3s-5s - Five of a kind with card value 3-5
  • Five of a kind 6s-Ks - five of a kind valued higher than five
  • Straight flush - Five consecutively valued cards in the same suit
  • Four of a kind - four cards of the same value
  • Full house - three of a kind and a pair
  • Flush - all cards the same suit
  • Straight - five cards in chronological sequence
  • Three of a kind - three cards the same value


Nothing suffices like catching a wonderful hand, but by looking carefully at the odds and pay scale, players gain valuable perspective on both how the game should be played as well as why a conservative strategy is not the best idea for this game. This game is all about the gamble; the thrill of the big hunt and the guts to go for it.

Bonus deuces players face the following approximate odds:

  • Natural royal flush - 0.000024%
  • Four deuces and ace - 0.000028%
  • Four deuces - 0.000157%
  • Wild royal flush - 0.002077%
  • Five of a kind aces - 0.000334%
  • Five of a kind 3s-5s - 0.000781%
  • Five of a kind 6s-Ks - 0.002078%
  • Straight flush - 0.004166%
  • Four of a kind - 0.063178%
  • Full house - 0.026525%
  • Flush - 0.021508%
  • Straight - 0.041128%
  • Three of a kind - 0.279582%


The best strategy for bonus deuces video poker is different than some players might expect. Instead of playing tightly and profiting consistently by getting lots of low winning hands, players are better off shooting for the moon and salvaging small hands only as a fall back.

Although three of a kinds and straights make up the most of a player's 44% win probability, both of these hands break even on most bonus deuces pay scales. While it's nice to secure a free hand from time to time, playing to break even is always a losing plan. Players must use wild cards to form large hands in order to profit.

Wild cards allow players to make riskier moves. A long, conservative strategy in bonus deuces will probably end in long, conservative death. Unless the higher rungs of the pay ladder are reached, the player will undoubtedly lose the exchange. The increased prevalence of money-making hands has to be capitalized on.

For example, if a player were dealt the 10, J, Q and K of hearts along with an additional queen, conservative strategy for regular poker games would bank on the high pair, which guarantees a free hand and offers room for improvement. In bonus deuces, however, this strategy is flawed.

If the high pair was kept in bonus deuces, improving the hand is probably only going to break even at best. In this game, the dice roll is more favorable. Discarding the off-suited queen gives players the chance to draw a natural royal flush, a wild royal flush or a straight flush. Since the players know that all four wilds are still in the deck, this gamble is definitely worth taking.

Bonus deuces video poker is an exciting alternative to standard poker. It uses the same five-card method of game play but incorporates twos as wild cards and increases the strength of the average hand. Player should use a riskier style, capitalizing on the increased likelihood of straight flush draws.

Where to Play Bonus Deuces Video Poker Online

Bonus Deuces is one of the most popular and engaging video poker variants, so finding gambling sites with Bonus Deuces is easy. There are several variations of Bonus Deuces video poker that can be found at many online gambling sites. You will often see the game referred to as “Bonus Deuces Wild” but the basic setup of the game is the same.

Since there are so many gambling sites with Bonus Deuces video poker, you have the luxury to be a little picky about where you play. The best places to play Bonus Deuces online for real money are big-name gambling sites that are known for being safe and fair. After that, the list of potential gambling sites can be narrowed down even further by looking at other factors such as graphics, bonus payouts and overall quality of the site.

We have listed the best gambling sites with Bonus Deuces video poker right here. These are considered the top Bonus Deuces websites because they meet all the criteria that we mentioned above. As an added bonus, these gambling sites also offer a wide selection of other games for the times when you feel like switching it up.