All American Video Poker

All American video poker is more conservative than many poker adaptations. The game play is both tight and conventional; there are no wild cards. This variation of poker pays all of the same hands as a conventional jacks or better machine. The only difference is that all American video poker machines offer their players the chance to double up after any winning round.

Best All American Video Poker Gambling Sites


Like most video poker games, five cards are dealt after a player makes their wager. Up to five credits can be wagered, and credits vary in amount from 25 cents to five dollars. This makes the possible wage anywhere from 25 cents to 25 dollars. Naturally, higher wages command higher payouts.

Once the player has been dealt five cards, he then must decide which cards to keep and which to throw away. The cards thrown away will be replaced by fresh cards from the same 52-card deck. All American video poker is a standard poker game and pays out on all of the usual hands:

  • Royal flush - 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit
  • Straight flush - five consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Four of a kind - four cards identical in value
  • Full house - a three of a kind and a pair
  • Flush - all cards the in the same suit
  • Straight - all cards in chronological order
  • Three of a kind - three cards alike in value
  • Two pair - two separate pairs
  • Jacks or better pair - a pair of jacks or higher value


The odds of all American video poker are exactly the same as any standard five card poker game. Players are better off playing this game realistically. Individual hand odds can tell players a lot about how to place their bets and make smart, plausible decisions.

These are the approximate hand odds for all American video poker; They are listed in order from strongest to weakest:

  • Royal flush - 0.000024%
  • Straight flush - 0.000147%
  • Four of a kind - 0.002215%
  • Full house - 0.010845%
  • Flush - 0.015961%
  • Straight - 0.019142%
  • Three of a kind -0.067344%
  • Two pair - 0.117580%
  • Jacks or better pair - 0.183015%

These odds are common of any five card video poker game that doesn't use wild cards. As such, players should adhere to the most uniform of strategies. With a bit of luck, this will make consistent winners out of players who know better than to lose money chasing miracles.


The game is similar enough to five card draw to use a standard, conservative approach. Hands of jacks or better or two pair will save you the hand; anything higher will earn money. The house has the advantage at about 58%, and the players' win percentage of 42% is largely dominated by the lower hands. hands higher than three of a kind make up only 5% combined.

The only way to increase your odds is by sticking with the 37% chance of the lower hands and waiting patiently for good chances to shoot for the five. If players can consistently use low hands to win back their bet, they can survive longer and have more chances to get lucky.

The only logical course of action is to stick to high pairs and three of a kinds. This allows the players to make small money while they wait for a chance for a full house or four of a kind. When you've got luck and consistency the machine will never know what hit it. Although luck can't be controlled by a player, consistency can, and when the luck comes, these players will be ready.

All American video poker does have one unique aspect; it's neither an advantage nor a drawback, but merely an important choice. After players get a winning hand, the machine gives them the opportunity to double their winnings at the risk of losing them. The double-up is decided by a high-card showdown with the dealer. This could become incredibly tempting, but is completely beyond all manner of smart, logical poker.

Not many video poker games are more conventional than all American video poker. The game is played exactly like five card draw, with the exception of a double-or-nothing round after a player wins. The only way to influence the outcome for the better is to play strictly, thereby taking advantage of the high win percentages of the lower hands.

Finding Sites with All American Video Poker

We’ve had mixed success finding online gambling sites that offer All American video poker. Some gambling sites have it and others don’t. If you take a look at any of the video poker sites on this page, you’ll find the best places to play All American video poker for real money.

If you want to find your own gambling site with All American video poker, you can visit the website of any gambling site and look for the “preview games” area. Most gambling sites offer a list of all their games somewhere on the website. The only downside to using this technique is that not all gambling sites provide a comprehensive list of their video poker games.

The most sure-fire way to find All American video poker online is to visit any of the sites listed on this page and download the software. Inside the software, you’ll be able to view and play a wide variety of video poker variants (including All American video poker). Open an account at any of these gambling sites and you’ll be able to play All American video poker any time the fancy strikes.