Aces and Faces Video Poker Rules and Strategy

Aces and faces is nearly identical to the standard five-card poker of the wild west. The only difference is that four of a kind hands are paid differently according to their value. The game demands luck and consistent strategy. In that respect, the game hasn't changed much in hundreds of years. Unlike the poker of the old west, however, the poker of today has come down to pure science, and nowadays is even done electronically.

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After a player wagers, the machine deals him five cards. The initial cards can be kept or discarded and replaced with fresh ones. There is only one draw before the hand is over. Players must form the strongest poker hand they can. Disregarding the four of a kind hands that are unique to aces and faces, all of the usual poker hands apply. These are the paying hands from strongest to weakest.

  • Royal Flush: 10, J, Q, K, A
  • Four of a kind aces
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a kind jacks queens and kings
  • Four of a kind 10 or under
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • two pair
  • Jacks or better pair


Since a draw is made during the game, aces and faces video poker essentially has two sets of odds: The probability of being dealt a certain hand along with the odds of improving it. The following is a list of the respective hands and the odds of their being initially dealt:

  • Royal flush - one in 649,740
  • Straight flush - one in 64,973
  • Any four of a kind - one in 4,164
  • Full house - one in 693
  • Flush - one in 508
    • Straight - one in 254
    • Three of a kind - one in 46
    • Two pair - one in 20
    • Jacks or better pair - one in 6.7

    The odds may seem grim, but nevertheless, people walk away with money all the time. This most often happens to players who use a constant, unyielding style of play. Instead of making passionate, all-or-nothing moves they make decisions in the best interests of likelihood and profit. A good poker won't necessarily use the small fish already caught as bait for the large fish swimming free in the ocean. That's why it's important for any player to look realistically at the odds of drawing that big hand.


    Even though the goal of the player's draw is always to improve the hand, he shouldn't throw away anything that is already contributing to a winning hand. For example, assume a player was dealt a pair of kings, one of which was a diamond, and three other diamonds; he would probably be tempted to discard one of the kings and pray for a nice flush. This is a horrible move.

    It's not a that the odds of converting the flush are terrible. In fact, at one in 4.22 they're not that bad at all. The problem is the vast majority of the time the player is trading something for nothing. Smart poker strategy is exactly the opposite.

    The best strategy when playing aces and faces video poker is to trade nothing for something. A pair of jacks, or anything that beats it, will either make up for player's wager or afford him profit; throwing that luxury away is plain foolishness. The smart player holds on to the pair of kings and draws three cards. In that situation he keeps his winning hand, has a one in 5.3 chance of getting two pairs and a one in 7.7 chance of converting to a three of a kind. The full house is also a possibility in this scenario at one in 97.

    Additionally, when a player is trying to decide whether or not to go for a straight, the biggest factor is whether or not the draw is open ended. If a player is dealt a seven, eight, ten, jack and queen, only a nine could possibly complete the straight. On the other hand, if a player is holding a five, six, seven and eight, a four or a nine could complete it. This is an example of an open ended straight draw. The odds of a player getting the card he needs are much higher in an open ended scenario.

    Aces and faces video poker entails all of the same rules and odds as standard five card draw. Four of a kinds are rewarded differently according to value, and four aces will actually beat a straight flush. Playing with a controlled, mathematical strategy gives players the best chance.

    Finding Sites with Aces and Faces Video Poker

    Aces and Faces is a fairly popular video poker variant so you won’t have much trouble finding gambling sites to play the game. You’ll have the best luck playing Aces and Faces video poker by playing at the largest gambling sites on the internet. These sites have the greatest game selection and the biggest variety of video poker variants.

    Large gambling sites such as Bet365 offer Aces and Faces video poker for both real money and practice. If you want to get the strategy down pat, you can use their free-play option to try the game and get used to the strategy considerations on this page. When you’re ready to try your hand at real money play, you can make a deposit and start playing for real.

    Some smaller gambling sites do not offer Aces and Faces video poker. This video poker variant is popular, but it’s still not quite as well-known as games such as Deuces Wild. For that reason, you are much more likely to find Aces and Faces video poker at the biggest gambling sites. More specifically, the top gambling sites that we recommend here are the most likely to offer Aces and Faces video poker.