Online Slots With Progressive Jackpots

While still relatively new compared to traditional 3 reel slots, progressive slots have quickly become one of the most popular casino games at both land-based casinos and online gambling websites. Many players immediately migrate toward progressive slots for the large potential prizes and are enticed to stay by their ever-increasing jackpots. Essentially, progressive slots jackpots include all the best traits of most online slots variations, with the added bonus of a jackpot that is often worth hundreds of thousands or evens millions of dollars.

Best Progressive Jackpot Online Slots

How Progressive Slots Work Online

While progressive slots can seem confusing to those unfamiliar with them, they actually function based on a relatively simple set of principles. Basically, progressive slots are online slot machines that are linked together with several other machines of the same type. Every time a player makes a wager and spins the slots, the overall jackpot rises. Therefore, users can help build the jackpot from nearly anywhere in the world. Once a player hits the correct combination, he or she wins the jackpot. While the odds of this are typically quite low, the potential jackpot can often be in the millions of dollars.

Most types of slot machines with progressive jackpots require gamblers to wager the largest possible amount to qualify for the jackpot, although bets below this level contribute to its total size. Higher maximum wagers generally cause higher and faster rising jackpots, providing players with an incentive to bet as much as possible. The rate at which the jackpot advances is also typically linked to the machine's house edge. For instance, if a set of progressive slots has a house edge of 5%, the online gambling site that operates the slots will typically contribute 1%, or one fifth of their total expected profits, to the jackpot.

Progressive slots can be more attractive than other slots, as they typically have much larger potential prizes. However, these games should be approached with caution. Betting the maximum amount can quickly deplete a gambler's bankroll. In fact, the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are often comparable to the likelihood of winning a major lottery. While it is worthwhile to try out progressive slots, one should always watch for signs of problem gambling. If one finds oneself betting away savings not intended for gambling, one should stop playing progressive slots immediately.

Online Progressive Slots Game Types

Progressive slots come in many variations and can differ greatly regarding the size of jackpots, the number of reels on the machine, minimum and maximum wagers and additional special features. Following is a list of some selected progressive slots available at top gambling sites:

  • Mega Fortune Wheel
  • Super Star
  • Major Millions
  • King Cashalot
  • Millionaire Club
  • Major Moolah

Gambling Sites With Progressive Slots Jackpots

There are few factors to consider when choosing an online gambling site at which to play progressive slots. Obviously, it is beneficial to select a site that has the largest potential jackpot. On nearly all online progressive slots, the odds of winning the jackpot are identical for every spin, so there is usually no reason to choose a site that offers a smaller progressive jackpot. Another factor to consider is how many machines are linked to build the jackpot, as this determines how fast it is likely to rise. For instance, some online gambling sites feature multiple different progressive slots of varying game types that all contribute to one central jackpot.