Online Slots Jackpots

Many players at real money online casinos prefer to focus on winning online slots jackpots, since slot machine games offer an easy, passive betting experience that requires little strategy beyond bankroll management. In order to win the biggest online slots jackpots, it's advisable to understand the differences between regular jackpots and progressive online slots jackpots.

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In addition, all online slots games offer pay tables, which determine how much money you'll win depending on the size of your wager and the quality of the game outcome.

Regular Slots Jackpots Vs. Progressive Online Slots Jackpots

The basic difference between regular online slots jackpots and progressive online slots jackpots is that regular slots games have a fixed pay table that remains static regardless of how many players are entering money into the slots game.

Progressive online slots jackpots, on the other hand, have progressive jackpots that grow in size as more players wager money at slots sites online. In order to win a progressive slots jackpot, you'll typically need to receive an ideal outcome that represents the best possible combination of icons on the slots game display. In addition, you may need to wager a certain minimum value in order to be eligible for the progressive online slots jackpot.

Progressive online slots games also offer smaller rewards in addition to the progressive online slots jackpot, though these rewards can be comparatively less lucrative than the rewards found at regular online slots websites. Essentially, progressive online slots jackpots offer the chance for receiving a massive jackpot, sometimes over $1 million, in exchange for relatively smaller pots on average game outcomes.

Once the progressive online slots jackpot is won, the jackpot value will return to a much lower fixed amount. The jackpot rarely returns to zero, as this would provide little incentive for players to begin wagering on that particular progressive slots game again following the payout of the progressive jackpot.

In order to build progressive online slots jackpots more quickly, many gambling sites will band together and offer the exact same progressive slots game. In this way, players at multiple gambling web sites can contribute to the same progressive online slots jackpot games.

Online Slots Jackpots Pay Tables

The pay table of a slots game will tell you how much money will be won depending on how much you wager and the outcome of each slots spin. Typically, the pay table is not expressed in terms of real world currency values and is instead displayed as coins, units or chips. This is because most online slots jackpots allow you to wager various amounts starting with a base value. For example, if you win an online slots jackpot that pays out 1,000 coins and each coin is worth $0.50, you'll win $500. However, if you play with coins worth $2 each, you'll win $2,000.

The best casino sites with online slots jackpots clearly display their pay tables on the same screen that is used for wagering and viewing game results. A partial example of a pay table for a popular online slots jackpots game entitled Red White and Blue is provided below. Note that all payouts correspond to playing one coin. Wagering two coins per spin will double the payouts, while wagering three coins will triple the payouts.

  • Blank - blank - blank: 1 coin
  • 3 blues, 3 whites or 3 reds: - 2 coins
  • 3 bars - 5 coins
  • 1 bar - 1 bar - 1 bar - 10 coins
  • Any blue - Any white - Any red: 20 coins
  • 2 bar - 2 bar - 2 bar: 25 coins
  • 3 bar - 3 bar - 3 bar: 40 coins
  • 1 bar - 2 bar - 3 bar: 50 coins
  • 3 sevens: 80 coins
  • 3 blue sevens: 150 coins
  • 3 white sevens: 200 coins
  • 3 red sevens: 1200 coins
  • Blue seven - Red seven - White seven: 2400