7 Reel Online Slots Games

While 7 reel slots would have been impractically large in the days of mechanical slots, the introduction of electronic slots and online gambling sites has allowed this form of gambling to flourish. Popular among gamblers who seek more gambling options and higher payouts than are possible with simpler slots, 7 reel slots have become a mainstay at a few online gambling websites.

Best 7 Reel Slots Sites

How 7 Reel Online Slots Sites Work

While one might expect 7 reel slots to be less likely to pay out, their odds can be similar to other slots if played correctly. Because 7 reel slots typically offer many pay lines, users can bet more money on each spin. While this can result in expensive losses, wins are more likely to make up for this deficit. Some 7 reel slots only require a player to spin three identical symbols on one pay line to win, which can result in more frequent payouts.

One of the key advances in online gambling technology is the random number generator, which is used to determine when each of the seven reels will stop. The generator assigns a random value to each reel, with some machines changing these values even while the slots are not in use. In addition to these random values, each machine uses set values in conjunction with the random number generator. This value can be 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512. Each reel's value is divided by this predetermined figure. The resulting remainder is then matched to each reel to decide which symbol will be displayed.

Online 7 Reel Slots Variations

At the moment, there are only two 7 reel slots available online, both of which are developed by Vegas Technology. However, these two games are offered at many different online gambling sites. Because 7 reel slots only appeal to a select group of players, two online slots game variations have been enough to satisfy most gamblers. However, it is likely that more 7 reel slots could begin to appear online in the future. The two available 7 reel slots are:

  • Farming Fortunes
  • Lucky 7s

Farming Fortunes features nine pay lines while Lucky 7s offer seven. Both games have a jackpot of 2500 credits.

Play 7 Reel Slots At Top Online Gambling Sites

Because there are only two 7 reel slots currently available, it is not hard to locate online gambling sites that feature them. In this case, it is best to choose online gambling sites based on other features, such as their selection of other slots games. Slots enthusiasts might decide to choose a site that focuses solely on slots instead of more general online gambling sites.

Other important factors to consider include customer support, banking options and, of course, reputability. It is important to always research an online slots gambling site thoroughly before playing there. If one wishes to play 7 reel slots, one should never settle for a site that seems insecure or unsafe, as the two available game types are offered at many respected online gambling sites.