5 Reel Online Slots Games

5 reel slots have quickly become one of the most popular online slots games available at online gambling sites. A site's 5 reel slots typically appeal to individuals that crave more betting options, more winning combinations and higher payouts than are found in 3 reel slots games.

Best 5 Reel Slots Sites

How 5 Reel Online Slots Work

Like the simpler 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots work on a relatively basic principle. When a player spins the slot machine, all five reels begin to spin. Each symbol on the reel corresponds to a stop number. To determine this number, online 5 reel slot machines use random number generators. Every reel is assigned a new random value on each spin, which is then divided by a predetermined value - usually 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512. The remainder of this equation is then matched to the appropriate stop value, which determines the symbol that appears on the reel.

Unlike simpler slots, 5 reel slots often have as many as 9 pay lines. This means that, in addition to winning by achieving a certain combination in a horizontal line, 5 reel slots will pay out for diagonal and zigzag combinations. As long as a player wagers enough credits and selects the correct setting, he or she can spin multiple lines at one time. If any of the lines match one of the machine's winning combinations, the player is paid out accordingly. Of course, doing this requires a player to wager more money than he or she might bet on 3 reel slots. However, this does not necessarily decrease a player's odds of winning, as he or she will have more chances to achieve a winning combination.

Online 5 Reel Slots Variations

All 5 reel slots games at gambling sites operate using the same basic principle, but different variations exist. Certain games have extra features such as bonus rounds or multipliers that allow players to win more cash with each spin. Some examples of 5 reel slots game types one might find online include:

  • California Gold
  • Mummy's Gold
  • Dragon 8s
  • Festive Fortunes
  • Neptune's Gold
  • Lucky Lady
  • Cleopatra's Coins
  • Sands of Fortune

Choosing 5 Reel Slots Online Gambling Sites

If possible, one should play at online gambling sites that offer 5 reel slots with the best possible payout percentages, typically ranging from 82% to 98%. If a given machine has a payout percentage of 92%, about $92 out of $100 wagered collectively among all players should be paid out. Of course, these figures are most accurately applied to long-term play, so it can be difficult to predict one's chances based solely on a machine's payout percentage.

One should also pick a site that offers 5 reel slots with comfortable minimum and maximum credits. Many 5 reel slots with a minimum bet of $0.01 can be found online, although some have minimums as high as $2.00. Typical 5 reel slots maximum bets range from $250 to $2000, although lower and higher variations certainly exist.