Sit And Go Poker Tournament Sites

Sit-N-Go (SNG) tournaments are a type of poker tournament that does not have a scheduled start time. These types of tournaments only begin after all available seats have been taken. Most SNG tournaments consist of a single table, but there are also multi-table SNGs at some of the best poker sites.

Best Sit And Go Poker Sites

The attraction of online poker Sit and Go tournaments is that they are quick and easy. A regular SNG tournament can easily be completed within 45 minutes or so. The prizes for SNG tournaments aren’t massive, but the tournaments are short enough that some poker players do make a full time living playing SNGs.

Top Online Poker SNG Sites

On this page, we have listed what we believe to be the best SNG poker sites. The reasons we picked these poker gambling sites are numerous, but one of the biggest things we look for in SNG poker rooms is high player traffic. Because SNGs only start after all the players have taken a seat, it is important to have lots of player traffic. Otherwise, too much time is spent waiting for tournaments to fill up.

Just as important is the history of each poker site. There are several hundred real money poker sites out there, but the history of each poker site is unique. In many cases, very little is known about the history of any single poker site. We like to stick with poker sites that are well known and have a long history because those are the safest sites; they have already proven themselves over the long haul.

We also like to recommend tournament poker websites that have generous rewards programs. This factor is most important for high volume SNG players. If you’re the type of player who likes to open several SNGs at a time, a good rewards system is a must. The points you earn by multi-tabling SNGs add up quickly and can have a significant impact on your overall return.

Choosing Poker Gambling Sites With SNG's

We have our own recommendations listed here, but when it comes to choosing just a single poker site, the final decision should be based on personal preferences. As long as you stick with a large, reputable poker site, you will be in good hands. The rest comes down to a matter of which software you like the best and the overall “feel” you get when visiting each poker site.

Speaking of online poker software, this is something you should pay special attention to. It’s possible to get used to just about any poker software out there, but the experience is much more enjoyable if you like the software from the beginning. Feel free to download the software of a couple of different poker sites to test it out for yourself. If you ever get into multi-tabling SNGs, you will be glad you took the time to find the best software.

One thing that the best SNG poker sites all have in common is a large welcome bonus. No matter which online poker gambling sites you sign up to play at, you’ll be offered some sort of bonus. Some of these poker websites require deposit bonus codes, others give the bonus out automatically. If you visit any of our recommended online poker sites, don’t forget to take note of any poker gambling bonus codes.