Online Poker Tournament Sites

As the world of online poker games has matured over the years, different online poker sites have developed reputations for being the best at certain types of poker game formats. For example, there are a few poker tournament sites that are widely recognized as “the” go-to places for online poker tournaments. In this section, we have a straightforward list of the best poker websites for tournament players.

Best Tournament Poker Sites

Finding The Best Online Poker Tournaments

One of the key ingredients that make a strong online poker tournament site is a large player base. Just a single poker tournament requires a good number of participants for it to be worthwhile, let alone a poker site that hosts tournaments around the clock. That is why you will find that the best poker tournament sites tend to be the most heavily trafficked poker sites.

A large player base naturally leads to a larger selection of tournaments and better tournaments in general. The best poker tournament sites host tournaments with massive prize pools that make it worth spending all that time at the tables. It is not unusual to see tournaments at such sites with first place prizes worth $50,000, $100,000 or even more.

In addition to big prize pool tournaments, the best poker tournament websites also host lots of satellite tournaments to major land-based events such as the WSOP, Aussie Millions, WPT and others. Prize packages to major events are often worth $15,000 or more, so only the best poker tournament sites have the resources to send players to major events.

Online Poker Tournament Variety

Variety is another big plus for real money poker tournament websites. Variety means options, which means you are more likely to find the types of tournaments you like and at which you excel. Variety in poker tournaments means being able to choose from standard freezeout tournaments, satellite tournaments, bounties, rebuys, SNGs and so on.

Variety also includes other factors such as the size of prize pools and number of players that show up. Sometimes it’s nice to play in massive tournaments with 5,000 competitors and a million dollars up for grabs, but other times it’s much simpler to play in smaller tournaments that don’t take as long. The ability to switch it up is a major plus for any poker gambling site.

Best MTT Poker Sites

MTTs (multi-table tournaments) are the biggest types of online poker tournaments. This is the type of tournament that most people think of when they hear the phrase “poker tournament.” The best MTT poker tournament sites can be found by looking for poker sites that are well known and have large player bases.

Reputation is especially important for poker MTT sites because the prizes for winning large MTTs can be quite significant. If you win $25,000 in a tournament, for example, it’s nice to know that you’ll be paid with no questions asked. Whenever there is money on the line, reputation is vital.

Best SNG Poker Sites

SNGs (sit-n-go tournaments) are smaller tournaments that have no predefined start time and are much more popular online than live. Instead, SNG tournaments begin when all the seats have been filled. Most SNGs are single-table tournaments that consist of 6, 9 or 10 players, but there are also multi-table SNGs at some of the larger poker sites.

Player traffic is the most important thing to look for in SNG poker sites because SNG tournaments have to fill up before they even begin. If you join a poker site that is too small, you’ll spend a large portion of your poker time waiting for SNGs to begin. Highly trafficked poker sites do not have this problem.

A few websites with up to the minute major live tournament poker coverage include ESPN poker as well as both of which are great sources for news, views, and gossip.