3D Online Poker Sites

Online poker has many advantages and disadvantages (depending on your opinion) over land based poker games, but one aspect in which online poker sites have always come up short is in the immersive experience offered by live poker. Other virtual games at gambling sites went 3D a long time ago, but to this day, very few 3D poker sites exist. Fortunately, we’ve been lucky enough to find a few high quality 3D poker gambling sites in recent years.

Best 3D Poker Sites

When we first wanted to figure out where to play 3D poker online, we found it difficult to find decent online poker sites. Most of the sites that we visited had cheesy graphics and moved very slowly. After looking around for a bit, however, we found several 3D poker sites that have pretty much gotten it all right.

Top Rated 3D Poker Gambling Sites

Finding the best 3D poker sites is a matter of comparing the graphics, security, player traffic and games list of every major 3D poker site out there. Most 3D poker sites have been slow to take off, but the ones that we listed here have managed to succeed for various reasons. These 3D poker betting sites have gotten all the important things right.

One of the most common ways in which other 3D poker sites go wrong is by focusing too much on the 3D aspect without worrying about providing a quality poker experience. The 3D poker sites that never really took off suffered from a lack of active poker tables and cheesy 3D poker graphics. Although 3D graphics are nice to have in a poker room, it is vital that each poker site have a strong poker offering as well.

The best 3D poker sites of today are well rounded poker sites even without the 3D graphics. If you took any of the top 3D poker rooms and converted it to a 2D-only experience, it would still be a good place to play. That’s because the best 3D online poker rooms do not rely entirely on their graphics. They use their graphics as an added bonus rather than as the only selling point.

At the same time, quality 3D poker sites are flexible. The best 3D poker sites also offer an alternative 2D view that can be activated at any time. Poker players who like to multi-table prefer 2D tables because they can fit more tables on the screen and keep track of everything easier when using the traditional overhead view. This functionality helps everyone because it helps keep the tables busy.

Playing At 3D Online Poker Websites

It’s just as easy to get started at a 3D poker site as it is to play at any other poker site. All you have to do is visit the poker room’s website, download the software and create an account. You may also get a chance to customize your avatar if you play at a high quality 3D poker site.

3D poker websites do require a bit more computing power than traditional poker sites, though. Fortunately, most of today’s modern personal computers can handle 3D poker sites with ease. The graphics don’t require a ton of computing power because the tables are in a fixed position and the player isn’t running around killing things like in other 3D gambling games.

If you’re not sure whether or not your computer can handle a 3D poker gambling site, you can always just give it a try. Visit the poker site, download the software and see what happens. If your computer can’t handle the poker room, you’ll get an error message or notice that everything slows down.