Online Craps Gaming Software

In order to offer real money and play money games, online craps sites rely on gaming software providers to supply up to date secure gambling software. Certain craps site features, such as bonuses, game types, software versions, pay tables and user options, can vary greatly from one online craps software network to another.

Craps Sites With The Best Gaming Software

In addition, online craps software providers differ in their presentation, with graphics, sounds and animations that are unique to each online craps software provider.

Top Online Craps Software Providers

By visiting an online craps site and checking the About page, the Software page or the FAQ, you'll often be able to determine which online craps software provider the site uses. The most commonly utilized online craps software providers include:

  • WagerWorks
  • Unified Gaming
  • World Gaming
  • Real Time Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • OddsON
  • Random Logic
  • Net Entertainment
  • Cryptologic
  • Boss Media
  • Galewind
  • Cytech

Each online craps game software provider has its own advantages and features. For example, the Microgaming online craps sites software provider is known for technologically advanced software with smooth, lag-free gameplay, immersive graphics and sounds, and varied real money game types.

Playtech is another popular online casino software provider that is utilized by over 40 gambling websites. Playtech offers multiple software versions in addition to realistic graphics and sounds.

Real Time Gaming is a highly reputable online craps software provider that has been in existence since the mid 90s. Over 100 casinos utilize craps software offered by the Real Time Gaming online craps software provider.

OddsON is an online craps software provider known for diverse game types, easy navigability, high quality graphics and fast paced wagering.

Odds And Payout Structures By Gaming Network

When choosing online craps websites by gaming software providers, it's important to pick one with a low house edge and a lucrative payout table. For example, the Playtech online craps game software provider offers a house edge of 0.46% on don't pass and don't come bets, and a 0.47% house edge on pass and come bets. Meanwhile, Real Time Gaming craps casinos offer a house edge of 0.57% on pass and come bets, and a 0.56% house edge on don't pass and don't come bets.

The best online craps software providers offer a house edge of below 1% on these types of craps wagers.

Example Odds And Payout Tables From Online Craps Software Providers:

To further illustrate the odds and payout tables at online craps sites from a typical online craps gaming software provider, we can view some of the craps gambling rules established by Galewind. Galewind is a popular and reputable online craps software provider that fortunately publishes detailed information regarding craps odds and payouts. Some of these details include:

  • For odds bets, Galewind allows 3-4-5x odds. This gives odds of 0.27% on don't come and don't pass bets and odds of 0.37% on come and pass bets.
  • A field bet on 12 provides a 3:1 payout ratio, with a house edge totaling 2.78%.
  • For hard way bets, Galewind follows Australian craps rules, which are quite liberal. A bet on hard 6 and 8 provides a 9.5:1 payout ratio and a 4.55% house edge, while hard 4 and 10 provides 7.5:1 payouts and a 5.56% house edge.
  • Proposition bets at craps sites powered by the Galewind online craps software provider also follow Australian rules. A bet on 3 and 11 offers a 16:1 payout ratio, while bets on 2 and 12 offer a 33:1 payout ratio. The house edge for all proposition bets is 5.56%.
  • For Lay and Buy bets, the house only charges a commission on wins, and the commission is based on whichever is lower between the win and the wager amount. Bets on 4 and 10 offer a 1.67% house edge, bets on 5 and 9 have a 2% house edge, and bets on 6 and 8 offer a 2.27% house edge.