Vegas Downtown Online Blackjack

Vegas Downtown blackjack is essentially the same game played at any online blackjack site, but it uses two decks instead of the standard six to eight decks. This increases the importance of strategy and requires greater use of the double down and splitting actions in order to achieve the best results.

Best Vegas Downtown Blackjack Sites

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Game Rules

The Vegas Downtown blackjack variation starts like a normal game of blackjack. The player's cards are dealt face up and the dealer keeps his hole card concealed. The dealer must hit when holding a soft 17 and must stand when holding a hard 17 or greater. Different types of splitting and doubling are allowed to provide the player with more options. Doubling can be performed on both dealt cards as well as after splitting, and the player can re-split until there are four hands in play at most live dealer blackjack sites.

Choosing Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gambling Sites

Players interested in variety should play Vegas Downtown blackjack at gambling sites that offer single-hand and multi-hand versions of the game. Most players think playing Vegas Downtown blackjack one hand at a time is enough, but those interested in a serious challenge should try playing four or even five hands of Vegas Downtown simultaneously.

Take a look at the available betting amounts offered at Vegas Downtown blackjack gambling sites. A site with a good betting range will let you make bets worth as little as $1 or as much as $500. Good online gambling sites will also offer lucrative online blackjack signup bonuses that can be unlocked by playing blackjack variants such as Vegas Downtown blackjack.

Tips For Playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack

The house advantage of Vegas Downtown blackjack featuring two decks is .038%, so it's important to take advantage of splitting and doubling in order to maximize your potential of winning. You should be able to determine when to double or split based on your hand value and the dealer's up card.

Doubling is advised when your hard hand value is 10 or 11 and the dealer's up card is anything but an ace. Also double down when you have an ace with a 7 or lower against the dealer's 4, 5 or 6 card. You should use the split function when you hold a pair of 7s or higher, with the exception of a pair of 10s, as a hand valued at 20 always has a high chance of winning.