Triple 7's Online Blackjack

Triple 7's Blackjack is a variation of standard blackjack that is popular at top blackjack sites for its progressive jackpot. The game does not alter any rules from the original game; rather, it lets players make side bets regarding the cards they will be dealt. This bet does not substantially affect the course of the regular game, which continues after all blackjack side bets have been resolved.

Best Triple 7's Blackjack Sites

Triple 7's Blackjack Game Rules

The core set of rules for Triple 7's Blackjack varies between different online gambling sites. Some sites have special restrictions regarding doubling and splitting. The number of decks used also varies between sites.

After a game begins, but before the dealer has distributed cards, each player places a bet on the outcome of his or her first two cards. While this bet is typically optional, some casino sites force players to make a minimum compulsory wager. Also, some sites set a required bet size, while others allow players to bet as much money as they wish. After all side bets have been made, the dealer flips all players' cards.

If a player has a single seven, he or she is paid out at a ratio of 5:1. A hand of two, unsuited sevens is paid out at a ratio of 25:1, while two matched sevens pays out at 50:1. If a player has two sevens and hits a third, he or she is given a much larger bonus. While many sites use different payout ratios for three sevens, the bonus is typically very large, especially if all three sevens share the same suit. A player that flips three diamond sevens wins the progressive jackpot. It should be noted that some online gambling sites do not award bonuses for a single seven.

Choosing Triple 7's Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

When selecting online gambling sites at which to play Triple 7's Blackjack, one should try to select a site that pays for single sevens and awards the highest bonuses for getting three sevens. Additionally, one should consider whether a given site features optional or compulsory side bets and whether those bets are limited. Because the progressive jackpot becomes bigger as more players play Triple 7's Blackjack, one should typically look for highly trafficked sites.

Tips For Playing Triple 7's Blackjack

One thing to always remember when playing Triple 7's blackjack is to never double down or split a hand that consists of one or two sevens, as this will void one's opportunity to win any bonuses. After side bets are resolved, standard blackjack strategy applies to the rest of the game.