Online Blackjack Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments offer a unique blackjack variation at blackjack gambling sites for players who are interested in a new spin on traditional blackjack. In a standard blackjack game, each player individually competes against the house, wagering on his or her ability to form a hand that beats the dealer's while not exceeding 21.  In blackjack tournaments, players compete against each other over the course of several rounds.

Best Blackjack Tournament Sites

Basic Rules Of Online Blackjack Tournaments

When participating in online blackjack tournaments, you'll play a series of blackjack hands just as you'd normally do in a single player blackjack game. However, online blackjack tournaments typically reward you in accordance with your final spot on the tournament leaderboard, and rewards are paid out based on a predetermined prize schedule. In this way, online blackjack tournaments do not result in payouts for each hand that you win.

Types Of Online Blackjack Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments are usually divided into two categories. In the first type of online blackjack tournament, you'll compete against up to six other players at a single table, and many tables might be involved in the tournament as a whole. After a specified number of hands are played, the least successful player is eliminated. This process continues until only one player remains, and the players who last the longest receive the biggest money prizes.

Another common online blackjack tournament format has you playing against only the dealer. However, this is different from traditional blackjack in that you'll be attempting to rack up a high score by placing successful wagers. You'll be given either a certain amount of time or a certain number of hands in order to achieve the highest score possible. After the time limit expires, or after you've completed the required amount of hands, your score will be posted on the online blackjack tournament leaderboard. At this point, you'll receive a payout in accordance with your leaderboard position.

Useful Strategies On Blackjack Tournaments

The most important aspect of your success in online blackjack tournaments is your knowledge of blackjack betting rules and strategies. These are the same strategies you would use in a traditional, hand-by-hand blackjack session, in which you attempt to achieve a higher score than the dealer in each individual hand without exceeding 21.

However, there are some important strategies that are unique to online blackjack tournaments, many of which relate to catching up on the leaderboard when you're playing from behind. For example, if your current score is $200 behind that of the leader's, and the leader places a $400 wager, it's wise to bet a value lower than $200 or greater than $600. In this way, a bet lower than $200 will result in you advancing to the top of the leaderboard if you win and the leader loses. A wager of more than $600 will put you ahead of the leader even if you both win.

If you do find yourself on top of the leaderboard in online blackjack tournaments, it's wise to only bet the minimum amount until you see an opponent making larger bets in an attempt to catch up. Staying mentally sharp throughout the entire online blackjack tournament is also crucial, as the final set of hands can often create significant shakeups in the leaderboard.

Find Blackjack Sites With Cash Tournaments

Since many real money gambling sites offer blackjack tournaments, finding them is relatively easy. Online blackjack tournaments are usually advertised on the blackjack site's page related to Promotions, Game Types or Tournaments. While many online blackjack tournaments are scheduled in advance, others follow a sit and go format similar to what you'd find at an online poker site. In this case, the online blackjack tournament will begin as soon as enough players register.

When in doubt, it's advisable to contact the customer support team at your chosen blackjack site to determine when they're offering their next online blackjack tournament, as well as details such as the format and payout schedule.