Three Card Online Blackjack

Three Card blackjack was first introduced in 2007 and made its debut in Las Vegas in 2010. It's one of the newest variations of blackjack available, incorporating three-card hands dealt to the dealer and player. The game also utilizes an ante and raise betting system, requiring the player to place a raised bet after the cards have been dealt in order to play against the dealer.

Many gambling sites have started offering real money online blackjack versions of three card blackjack games as the game picks up popularity with fans of internet gaming.

Best Three Card Blackjack Sites

Three Card Blackjack Game Rules

Three Card blackjack is significantly different from traditional blackjack. An ante bet is made by the player before three cards from one deck are dealt out to the dealer and player. After looking at the initial hand, the player can place a raise equal to the ante bet or fold and lose the original wager amount.

Once the ante bet is made, the dealer must qualify with a hand valued at 18 or higher. Failure to qualify results in a push for the raised bet and an even payout for the player's ante bet. Should the dealer qualify and the player hold a blackjack, even money is awarded to both bets. If the dealer qualifies and there is no blackjack present, the higher hand wins or a tie occurs in which both the ante and raised bets push. Unlike traditional blackjack, there is no stand, hit, double down or split actions available. The outcome is determined only by the three cards dealt to the dealer and the player.

An optional Ace Plus side bet is also available in which a player can receive a payout if he or she receives at least one ace or several possible combinations of aces and face cards.

Choosing Three Card Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

Three Card blackjack is still quite new in the online gambling industry, so make sure it is available by checking the game menu at your prospective casino gambling sites before creating an account. Review the gaming rules to see if a gambling site's version of Three Card blackjack includes the Ace Plus side bet with an accessible payout table.

Tips For Playing Three Card Blackjack

Three Card blackjack does not require you to decide whether to hit, stand, double down or split. Therefore, Three Card blackjack strategy hinges on your ability to correctly decide when to make the raise and when to simply fold.

The most fundamental strategy is to never raise when your hand totals 16 points or less and to always perform the raise when you have a 20 or higher. In all other circumstances, carefully consider the dealer's up card before deciding on the raise. Make the raise if your hand value is 18 or 19 and your dealer's up card is valued at 2 through 9. If your hand value is 17, you should only perform the raise if your dealer's up card is a 2.