Blackjack Surrender Online

Blackjack Surrender is a slightly altered version of traditional blackjack offered at many online gambling sites. The game essentially gives players the ability to cut their losses and receive half of their bet back. When used cautiously, the surrender option can be quite advantageous. While Blackjack Surrender is not as widespread as some blackjack variants, it is consistently growing in popularity.

Best Blackjack Surrender Sites

Blackjack Surrender Game Rules

For the most part, blackjack surrender games are played using the same betting rules as standard blackjack variations. This means the rules regarding doubling, splitting, and the number of decks in the shoe can vary depending on which online blackjack websites you choose to play at for real money.

After a player has been dealt his or her first two cards, he or she may surrender if the dealer must check for a blackjack. By surrendering, a player essentially forfeits a hand but collects half of his or her original bet. This extra option in Blackjack Surrender only affects the very beginning of a hand, after which play continues normally.

There are two types of surrendering in Blackjack Surrender, early surrender and late surrender. In an early surrender game, players may surrender before the dealer checks for a blackjack. If one is flipped, the decision to surrender pays off. In a late surrender game, however, players may only surrender after the dealer checks for a blackjack. Either way, surrendering is a risk that can pay off if done correctly.

Choosing Blackjack Surrender Online Gambling Sites

Not all online gambling sites allow surrendering, but Blackjack Surrender is becoming increasingly common. One should consider the types of surrender options that each site allows. While late surrender is by far the most common, some online casinos do offer an early surrender option, providing a considerable benefit to the player.

Next, one should make sure that any prospective site uses the rules of blackjack with which one is most comfortable. Blackjack Surrender can differ between online gambling sites, so finding the best possible version is crucial. Of course, it is also important to select a site that is secure and reputable to ensure an optimal gambling experience, and lastly - check any online blackjack bonus rules and fine print associated with any offer you accept.

Tips For Playing Blackjack Surrender Online

Surrendering can be beneficial, but only if done sparingly and with the appropriate strategy. Surrendering too many hands can result in unnecessarily lost bets. In general, a player should only surrender if he or she has at least a 75% chance of losing the hand. Still, surrendering can be effective in increasing the player's edge. While the late surrender option only cuts the house edge by about .08%, the early surrender option can decrease the edge by up to 0.6%.