Pontoon Online Blackjack

Pontoon blackjack is primarily popular in UK and Australian online gambling sites. Many players confuse it with another game called Pontoon, which is based on Spanish 21 and is popular in East Asia and Oceania. The game allows the player to win by earning a blackjack (known as a Pontoon), a 21-point hand, or by drawing a five-card hand without going bust. Pontoon blackjack also features a few additional rules that make it one of the more exciting and strategic blackjack variants available.

Best Pontoon Blackjack Sites

Pontoon Blackjack Game Rules

Pontoon blackjack usually requires a bet to be placed before or after the first card has been dealt to the player, but this rule varies depending on the casino. The player's hand remains exposed, but unlike in standard blackjack, both initial cards dealt to the dealer remain concealed. The dealer will always peek to check their hand for a blackjack, in which case the round finishes and the player loses their bet.

The player has to hit whenever they have a hand totaling less than 15, even when the hand has been split. Of course, the player also has the option of hitting when their hand value is 15 or greater. Players can also perform a hit after a double down. A double down can be performed after splitting, but not on any hand containing five or more cards. Any Pontoon or five-card hand wins a 2:1 payout while any other winning hand pays even money.

Choosing Pontoon Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

Make sure you select online gambling sites that offer the right Pontoon blackjack game. A gambling site may not make a clear distinction between Pontoon blackjack and Pontoon. The quickest way to tell is to check the deck rules. Pontoon, or Australian Pontoon, uses 48-card Spanish decks that do not have any 10 cards. Comparatively, Pontoon blackjack uses a normal deck with both 10 cards and face cards. Online gambling sites that offer Pontoon blackjack use casino software that features an intuitive user interface. The interface should feature crisp graphics and should let you quickly access the rules sheet and account options without having to leave the Pontoon blackjack table.

Tips For Playing Pontoon Blackjack

Succeeding in Pontoon blackjack requires you to take advantage of the unique rules. Remember that you can win simply by holding a five-card hand without going bust. Two or three-card hands valued at 15 or higher are good to stand on, while nearly any four-card hand should warrant a hit in hopes of receiving a five-card hand win without going bust. Four-card hands totaling 15 or 16 points and hands worth 10 or 11 points are prime candidates for doubling down. Unlike the double down feature, you should never consider splitting unless your two-card hand consists of a pair of aces or eights.