Perfect Pairs Online Blackjack

Perfect Pairs is ess of a variant of blackjack and more of an expansion. In Perfect Pairs blackjack, players must follow all the rules of standard blackjack, but they are given the option to make side bets on their first two cards.

These side bets are unaffected by the dealer and even pay out if a player loses the blackjack hand. Common at casinos in Australia, England and Hong Kong as well as at real money blackjack sites, Perfect Pairs is typically played with eight decks of cards, although variations do exist.

Best Perfect Pairs Blackjack Sites

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Game Rules

For the most part, Perfect Pairs is identical to traditional American-style blackjack. In fact, it is quite feasible that a hand of Perfect Pairs blackjack could be played without making use of any of the added side bet options. Even when side bets are made, they do not affect the house edge, making Perfect Pairs a popular choice for many players at online gambling sites.

Like many blackjack game variations, in Perfect Pairs blackjack each player has the option of placing a side bet on his or her first two cards. To win this bet, the betting player needs to receive a set of matched cards. The player is paid out at a certain amount if a set of matched but unsuited cards appears. He or she is paid out even more if a pair of unsuited but similarly colored cards is flipped. To get a perfect pair and the highest payout, the player must be dealt two identical cards.

There are several commonly used payout scales for Perfect Pairs blackjack. A mixed pair typically pays out at ratio of 5 or 6 to 1 while a same-colored pair pays out either 10, 12 or 15 to 1. A "perfect pair" usually pays out at 25 or 30 to 1. After each player either decides to make a Perfect Pairs bet or decline, the hand continues exactly like standard blackjack.

Choosing Perfect Pairs Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

Online gambling sites that cater to players in Australia, England or Hong Kong are generally the best place to find Perfect Pairs blackjack online, as the game is most popular in those regions. Once you have found a site that offers Perfect Pairs, you should check all available information regarding the game at that site.

While most sites should use eight decks, you should still check to see how many decks a prospective site uses before joining. While added decks can be advantageous for a Perfect Pairs side bet, they also increase the house edge when it comes to the regular blackjack portion of the game. You should also examine the payout scale that different online gambling sites use. Some sites provide greater potential rewards than others.

Tips For Playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack

With so many cards in the blackjack shoe, it is often difficult to determine the best time to make a Perfect Pairs bet. The best strategy is to memorize the probabilities of receiving each pair using a payout table and play at online gambling sites that use more decks.