Match Play 21 Online Blackjack

Match Play 21 blackjack is a variant of standard blackjack. It is popular at blackjack sites because it awards higher payouts for special combinations of cards. Similar to Spanish 21, Match Play 21 uses Spanish decks, which are standard decks that have all 10s removed. Match Play 21 is played with a shoe consisting of anywhere from two to eight Spanish decks, which alters the likelihood of getting a blackjack.

Best Match Play 21 Blackjack Sites

Match Play 21 Blackjack Game Rules

Match Play 21 is played using the same rules as traditional blackjack, but it includes some variations that can change gameplay and strategy significantly.

In Match Play 21 blackjack, a player's blackjack always wins over a dealer's blackjack, and natural blackjacks pay out at a 1 to 1 ratio. At most gambling sites, the dealer must hit on a hard 17 or a soft 18. Players may split Aces, but if either resulting hand ends up equaling 21, it is not considered a blackjack and therefore will not beat a dealer's blackjack. Players may double down after splitting and can surrender at any time.

If a player's hand includes a 6, 7 and 8, he or she receives a special payout. An unsuited set pays out at a ratio of 3 to 2, a suited set pays out at 2 to 1 and a set that is all spades pays out at 3 to 1. A total of 21 made with 5 cards pays out at 3 to 2. A hand with 6 cards that equal 21 pays out at 2 to 1 while a 21 made up of 7 or more cards pays at 3 to 1.

A hand of three 7s pays out at 3 to 2 if the cards are unsuited, 2 to 1 if they are suited and 3 to 1 if all 7s are spades. Finally, a player hand that consists of three 7s while the dealer is showing a 7 pays out at a ratio of 40 to 1, making it the best hand in the game. A hand that has been split or doubled is ineligible for any of these bonus payouts.

Choosing Match Play 21 Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

When selecting the online gambling sites at which to play Match Play 21, one's first priority should generally be finding a site that offers Match Play 21 with your preferred set of rules. Small variations of the game exist among different casinos, so it is important to note exactly how the game is played at a certain site before joining. One should also choose a casino based on the number of Spanish decks used in a game of Match Play 21. The number of decks in a shoe can significantly alter the gameplay.

Tips For Playing Match Play 21

In general, one should play at online blackjack web sites featuring Match Play 21 games that use as few decks as possible. Each additional deck increases the house edge. A player that has a hand total of 8 or less should generally always hit, as should a player that has an Ace and a 2 or an Ace and a 3. One should also be sure not to split 7s if the dealer is showing a 7, in case a third 7 is flipped.