Doublet Online Blackjack

Doublet Blackjack is a variation of traditional European blackjack. Doublet Blackjack does not change any of the existing rules of blackjack, but rather adds two optional side bets for players to make. These bets are resolved after each player receives his or her two cards, and the hand continues on as in standard blackjack.

The game is popular among players at online blackjack sites who wish to add extra options to a game of blackjack without changing the core rules of blackjack.

Best Doublet Blackjack Sites

Doublet Blackjack Rules

The side bet phase in Doublet Blackjack begins before the dealer has dealt any cards. Each player has the option of making one of two side bets. To win either bet, a player's hand must match a specific winning combination.

The first available bet is the 21 bet. A player who makes this bet is wagering that his or her hand will be a natural blackjack. If it is not, the bet is immediately forfeit. However, if the dealer flips a natural blackjack for that player, the bet pays out at a ratio of 19 to 1.

The second bet is known as the Sevens bet. If a player makes a Sevens bet, he or she is paid out 8 to 1 if the first card flipped is a 7. If the second card is a 7 as well, the payout increases to 40 to 1. If the player hits this pair and receives another 7, he or she is paid out at a ratio of 250 to 1. Any cards dealt to a split hand do not count toward either side bet.

Choosing Doublet Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

The first priority in selecting the best online gambling sites at which to play Doublet Blackjack should generally involve the sites' rules. The game is sometimes played with alternate rules, so it is important to verify the exact variation that a prospective site is using. Similarly, check each site's payout tables for the side bets and find out how many decks are used.

Some internet gambling websites may also have special promotions for frequent blackjack players, offering special gaming promotions like blackjack bonus money or extra loyalty points. Make sure that a website is secure and accepts your preferred payment method before joining to ensure a more positive experience.

Tips For Playing Doublet Blackjack

As Doublet Blackjack is based on European rules, the game does not feature the American hole card found in other styles of blackjack. This means that the dealer only flips one card for him or herself and waits until all players have acted before completing his or her hand. With European rules, players do not immediately know whether the dealer has a blackjack, and they may end up splitting or doubling their hands only to lose automatically.

To counter this, most online gambling sites offer players the option to take an even money payout on blackjacks immediately after they are dealt. If a player does not accept this option, his or her blackjack will pay out at the standard rate of 3 to 2, but can be beat if the dealer flips a blackjack.