Double Exposure Online Blackjack

Double Exposure blackjack provides the same game play as traditional blackjack but allows players to view both cards dealt to the dealer. This is a massive advantage given to the player, but Double Exposure blackjack also utilizes a few other rule adjustments to balance out the advantage and maintain the house edge.

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Double Exposure Blackjack Game Rules

An ordinary game of live dealer blackjack requires the dealer to hold one hole card that is concealed until the end of the round. In Double Exposure blackjack, the player and dealer cards are dealt face-up and must remain visible during the entire round. The player may only split once and only wins even money on a blackjack rather than earning a 3:2 payout. To balance out the game, the dealer wins in the event of a tie. The only exception to this rule is when the player has a natural blackjack, which automatically wins the round.

There are several other game rules in Double Exposure blackjack that vary depending on the casino. For example, the casino will stipulate whether or not the dealer must hit on soft 17. Some casinos may prohibit the player from performing a double down after a split. They may also either allow or prohibit the ability to double down on two cards.

Choosing Double Exposure Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

When choosing a gambling site, look for one that lets you enjoy play money and real money Double Exposure blackjack. The play money option is an excellent way to get accustomed to the gameplay rules and to devise the optimal strategies for different scenarios without losing real money. Also, remember that a few of the Double Exposure blackjack rules based on double down and splitting may vary.

Choose casino gambling sites that clearly identify the exact rules used in their version of the game.

Tips For Playing Double Exposure Blackjack

It's necessary to take full advantage of the dealer's exposed hole card in order to determine the best action for each hand. When the dealer's hard hand has a value greater than your hand, go for the win with a hit. The dealer automatically wins any ties, so going for the hit at least gives you a small chance of winning rather than losing by standing with a lower valued hand.

Strategies for specific scenarios change if you are allowed to double down or split. For example, doubling is best when holding a hand value of 9 through 11 against a dealer's hand of 12 through 16. Split a hand with any kind of pair whenever the dealer's hard hand value is 12 through 16. Make sure you use the ability to see the dealer's hole card to your advantage by practicing alongside a strategy chart. You will be able to quickly learn the optimal strategy for each hand scenario and eventually make the best decisions based on experience and memory.