Double Attack Online Blackjack

Double Attack blackjack is a variation that is quite popular in Atlantic City casinos. The game uses a Spanish deck that features no 10 cards and provides players with many interesting options for beating the dealer. The Double Attack blackjack name is derived from the game's most prominent player option - the Double Attack raised bet, best used when the player feels certain of winning.

Best Double Attack Blackjack Sites

Double Attack Blackjack Game Rules

Double Attack blackjack uses a 48-card Spanish deck that has had all the 10 cards removed. The dealer uses a face-down hole card and is allowed to peek for a blackjack when holding an up ace card. Once the first set of cards have been dealt, the player can opt to make a Double Attack bet that is equal to or lower than the size of his or her original bet. The player may split until they have four playable hands. Each split requires the player to match their Double Attack bet if the Double Attack option was originally made. A pair of aces cannot be split, but double downs can be performed after splitting any other pair type.

A second additional side bet called the Bust It is usually available in Double Attack blackjack. This side bet will pay the player if the dealer goes bust with three cards. The exact payout varies based on the value of the last card in the dealer's busted hand.

Choosing Double Attack Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

There are a lot of specific online blackjack rules used in Double Attack blackjack, so it is important to verify the exact rules used at online blackjack web sites that offer this game. You may find variations that allow the dealer to hit on soft 17 or that prevent the player from splitting more than once or twice. Additionally, not all online gambling sites may offer the Bust It side bet.

Gambling sites that do offer the side bet should have an accessible payout sheet outlining the precise payout for each scenario. Online gambling sites may also offer different payout values for the typical blackjack insurance bet. Some offer a 3:1 payout while others use the more common 5:2 payout rate.

Tips For Playing Double Attack Blackjack

Performing the Double Attack bet is most advantageous when the dealer's face card is a 4 through 7. Online gambling sites that do offer the Bust It side bet usually let you wager $1 to $50 on it. There is an 84% chance that you will lose your Bust It bet under normal circumstances, but even a small bet is worth it because the lowest payout is usually 3:1. Like in many other variations of blackjack, a double down should always be performed when you are holding a hand valued at 11 or when you have a hand worth 10 and the dealer is showing an 8 or lower.