Blackjack Diamond Online

Blackjack Diamond is a relatively obscure variation of blackjack that provides players with the ability to win extra money through two side bets. Players earn even money every time they win with a natural blackjack or a hand valued greater than the dealer's hand. However, a 2:1 payout is awarded if the blackjack consists of two diamond suited cards.

Best Blackjack Diamond Site

The reduced payout involved with a standard blackjack win makes Blackjack Diamond a less lucrative game unless the player can earn the 2:1 diamonds payout or hit the side bets, which usually pay out at 19:1 or greater.

Blackjack Diamond Game Rules

In Blackjack Diamond, the player can place a 21 Bonus and 77 Bonus side bet before the round starts. A player wins the 21 Bonus side bet if they are dealt a natural blackjack. This side bet usually offers a 19:1 payout. The 77 Bonus side bet offers a payout that is based on the number of 7 cards in the player's hand. The payout scheme usually offers an 8:1 payout for a hand with a single seven card, a 40:1 payout for double seven cards and 250:1 pay for triple sevens.

Additionally, the dealer must stand on a soft 17 and the player can surrender at any point to receive a portion of their bet back. To improve the chances of earning diamond suited cards, the player can double down on any cards and may split until there are a total of four hands in play.

Choosing Blackjack Diamond Online Gambling Sites

Good Blackjack Diamond online gambling sites feature high-value signup bonuses. The best sites allow you to contribute at least 10% of every blackjack wager to the unlocking of your signup bonus cash. Additionally, you should be able to deposit upwards of $500, and you should receive 30 days or more to earn the entire bonus amount available.

Quality gambling sites allow you to play Blackjack Diamond through their instant play service or through a downloadable casino client. The gambling site software should require minimal computer resources to operate. It should also run smoothly and provide you with crisp graphics when playing Blackjack Diamond or any other blackjack variant.

Tips For Playing Blackjack Diamond

The goal is to maximize the possibility of earning two diamond suited cards. This means that you should split, double down and re-split whenever possible. If available, practice Diamond Blackjack through the play money mode offered at some online gambling sites. This game normally requires a moderate amount of practice in order to recognize scenarios where doubling down and splitting are best implemented in order to improve your chances of receiving the 2:1 payout for a diamond suited two-card hand. The payouts for the 21 and 77 Bonus side bets may vary depending on what online gambling site you use, so check the site's payout chart or rules sheet beforehand.