Unbalanced Zen II Blackjack Count

Designed to be a hybrid of the Zen and Reverse Point Count blackjack card counting systems, Unbalanced Zen II Count was first introduced by George C. in his 1995 book, The Unbalanced Zen II. As with most card counting systems, Unbalanced Zen II requires players to assign values to each card and tally a running total as cards are displayed throughout the game. If done correctly, the player can predict how many high cards have not yet been flipped, allowing him or her to gain a 1% edge against the house.

Online Blackjack Sites

The system is fairly new compared to many systems and is unbalanced to allow for easier application in multi-deck blackjack games. Unbalanced Zen II Count is a popular choice at internet blackjack sites where players are looking for a reasonably accurate card counting method but do not wish to deal with the more complex calculations required by many balanced systems.

How Unbalanced Zen II Count Works

With the Unbalanced Zen II Count system, a player must add the value of every card that appears on the table to a running total. If this total becomes high, a player is more likely to receive 10s, face cards and Aces, meaning that his or her bet should be raised. While playing at internet gambling websites would allow one to keep track of the count with paper or a calculator, most players practice counting cards mentally in order to use the system at traditional casinos as well.

In this system, 2s and 7s are given a value of +1, while cards 3 through 6 are worth +2. Both 8 and 9 are worth 0 and can be ignored as they are flipped. Aces are worth -1 while all 10s and face cards are worth -2. Giving the 3 a value of +2 instead of +1 makes the system unbalanced, removing the need to calculate the true count.

The true count is a figure derived from the running count and the total number of decks in a given blackjack game. In a balanced system, players must typically count cards normally while being able to approximate the number of decks left in the shoe at any time. In Unbalanced Zen II Count, a player can adjust his or her starting count by -2 for every deck in play to achieve a similar effect.

Is the Unbalanced Zen II Count Useful at Online Gambling Sites?

The Unbalanced Zen II Count system has a high potential for reward at online gambling sites. It manages to provide reasonably accurate predictions while being easy to learn and apply. While many online blackjack web sites frown upon the use of the system, card counting is not considered illegal.